Updated pics of Bane.

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    Updated pics of Bane.

    Here are my newest pics. I am 6' tall and weight about 210 in said pics.:bb:
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  2. Lookin' great, man

  3. Lookin Big Bane

  4. Damm your jacked as hell!!!!! Keep up the good work

  5. LOOKING GOOD!!! Keep it up, whats your stats as far as workout, nutrition, supps etc?

  6. Very good bro! you look dense. i second what Apowerz said above! stats, workout, supps...etc?
  7. B4n3 0n3
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    Work out is a very basic two day split consisting of a push day and a pull day.

    push day:
    bench 4-6 reps 4 sets
    incline dumbell bench 4-8 reps 4 sets
    military press 4-8 reps 4 sets
    dips 8-10 reps 4 sets
    skull crushers 6-8reps 4 sets

    pull day: Now I do my leq trainning on pull day. I workout at home without a squat rack so my leg trainning is deffinatley my weak point. My two leg exercises are powercleans and standard deads.

    pullups 3 sets to failure
    powercleans 4-6reps 3 sets
    bent over barbell rows 6-8reps 3 sets
    upright rows(if my shoulders feel recovered)6-8reps 3 sets
    curls 6 reps 3 sets
    dead lifts 1rep, 3reps and then 6reps lowering the weight as the reps go up.

    Nutrition is basically a battle to get in as many calories as possible. I am basically bulking all the time so I just try to get in lot's of protien and I am not to worried about fats but when I start my first cycle I will have to watch my fat intake more.

    Supps are whey protien and I just started using the new appetite stimulant from Anabolic Innovations called "Grub On" hopefully Grub On will help me pack in a few more cals.

    That's about it for now but I am planning my first cycle as we speak. I will probly run the cycle sometime this winter or spring.

  8. As they say KISS Keep It Simple Stupid! I like it, would not work for me, but works for you, and your cycle hmm do you care to divulge what compounds, or are you going to post a thread asking for opinions

  9. how old are you? Very good example of a nice physique with just food and whey....

    you dont use creatine?

    Looks like you have alot of potential, test is going to make you a monster!
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    I am 24 and no creatine I used to use creatine back in the day but most of the gains seemed to be water weight and would go away when I went off so I don't use it anymore.

    As far as my cycle goes I am planning to go with test e and EQ and I may or may not kickstart with Superdrol. I have a thread about it in the steroid section, some guys tell me to stick to test only but I think I will need the EQ to help my appetite.

  11. bane you got some cut up pipes man, looking good

  12. oh ya you will like the test E and EQ. I am currently using it right now, 1000 test and 450 eq. I use armidex every other day and it has worked great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ripped1
    I am currently using it right now, 1000 test and 450 eq.
    I am gonna do 500 test per week and 400 Eq. Do you use the armidex if you start getting gyno? Or do you use the Armidex either way?

  14. Quote Originally Posted by B4n3 0n3
    I am gonna do 500 test per week and 400 Eq. Do you use the armidex if you start getting gyno? Or do you use the Armidex either way?
    bump that. what dose are you taking of adex EOD? How far in are you? WHat if anything have you noticed from the EQ? I was going to go with 600mg week but might drop it down, still debating.

    Sorry for off topic disscussion bane.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pistonpump

    Sorry for off topic disscussion bane.
    No problem bro, I got the same questions as you.

  16. hey bro, I have used it both ways, I have used it in the past when I was starting to get gyno. However I now use it 1/2 mg every other day. It has helped me actually keep water retention down and have no soreness I the nipples at all. You may not need it with such low doses of Test and EQ. I would say go without to start and see what happens. Being as this is your first cycel just keep a bottle handy just in case.

  17. Ripped is a smart man. TestE and EQ will do a body good

  18. APowerz, send me that program, lets see what you got planned. [email protected]

    lol me a smart man that is a first hahahahahahha
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    Thumbs up

    Thanx Bro!

  20. Look good bro!

  21. You have the build man! Lookin good. once you get some maturity to those muscles and work on lat width you're going to be a monster. great job.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk
    and work on lat width
    Yea the lat width is deffinatley my weak point no question about it.

  23. pullups witrh weights man, that is how you will grow wings. pullups pullups and more pullups

  24. Or pull downs if you're lazy like me


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