Trench's Pics

  1. Trench's Pics

    Heres before I start my doggcrapp routine and bulking phase...

    say what you think...


  2. Tear it up. Great Delt and bicep development. Those seem to be your strong points for sure. Kick the hell outta your chest, back and legs and you'll see a huge difference in a hort time. Good luck with it.

  3. Your arms and shoulders appear way ahead the rest of you, only real negative is I sense you need to work more on your legs.

  4. Last week when I started DC was my first time working legs with intensity. However, I havnt worked out since Saturday because of the headache from the hack squat machine. I am getting it checked Thursday so hopefully I can start back on Friday. Thanks for honest opinions.

    Chest is just plain stuck at where its at (205x6) so thats why I switched to Dogg Crap.


  5. I agree with the guys above chest, back and legs, your nice and lean and you've got decent bicep and shoulder development you just lack overall size and thickness. DC training should solve this though, and ya my chest also plateaued till i started DC 3 weeks ago my back is also widening up nicely. How did you enjoy training calfs DC style? lol

  6. The headache is just vasodiolation in the subarachoid layer of your brains packaging...aka the exertion headache. Scary when it first happens (I thought I was having an aneurism) but harmless.

  7. subarachnoid, sorry

  8. While I'm uneducated when it comes to doggcrapp, suffice it to say from your pics (And everybody else wanting to bulk) you should live, eat, and sleep in the squat rack. Work on putting the numbers up. Your arms are very nice though, just work on compounds and squats, squats, squats. Good luck broski.

  9. I agree squats are AWESOME for overall size.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Ziricote
    Your arms and shoulders appear way ahead the rest of you, only real negative is I sense you need to work more on your legs.
    i agree. i know you have already heard it but take it as constructive critcism, your arms/shoulders are great but you need to bring up your legs, back, chest. if i was you arms would get less sets then normal when done on the same day as chest or back. im opposite from you i think my back and chest are farther along then my arms, could be cuz theyre so long.


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