Tic's Pics (don't laugh 2 hard)

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  1. Unhappy Tic's Pics (don't laugh 2 hard)

    well i start T-1 Pro next week, thank god!!! i am 218 lbs n these just took em this evening. i just thought i would look better.
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  4. nothing to laugh about bro, looking good! Nice traps, arms seem good. I'd work on chest and lats maybe (although those poses didn't do your chest justice I'm sure). Good luck with the cycle!

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  10. well there they r. i am depressed cause i know i need A LOT of work, but i'll get there.

  11. Good pics man. You look like the old strongmen from the 1920's. You have that classic old power lifting look. Just cut up man and you could look great.

  12. Originally posted by tick
    well there they r. i am depressed cause i know i need A LOT of work, but i'll get there.
    Woah! Easy killer....you need work, as do we all, but ALOT of work is an overstatement....impressive man....seriously....traps are awesome and cuts are great as well...this cycle should put some mass on...beware

  13. I was waiting for something to laugh about..

    Lookin' good, dude! Real solid, everything will come together once you get your training/diet all set.. Stick around, read up, you'll learn alot from these monsters around here..

  14. Tick my man.. not one thing to laugh about there.. calves are looking pretty massive. Everything looks like it is coming to get together pretty damn well.. I would comment on the traps but everyone else has already done that    Keep up the good work.


  15. looking good man...starting out pretty lean...always a plus....also real nice calves.  at least yours both look the same unlike mine..haha


    good luck on the cycle..peace



  16. Good pics, you have some good size already.  I'll be very curious to see your pics after your cycle.   Good luck!  

  17. Lookin great bro.  BTW what is your age and how long you been lifting?

  18. guys thx 4 the feedback. i have about 12ysr total gym experience, although not all n a row i am 33yrs old. also 6ft even barefoot. again don't laugh, but the most meaningful feedback i have seen as of yet has been in reference 2 my calves. when i was in early 20's i can rember, painfully, raising on 2 my toes and nothing was there. i built every damn lil bit of what i have. thousands of the old donkey raises and the such. n-e way, i am bustin my a$$ toward that goal of quality 250lbs. i am devouring down fresh whitetail cube steaks as i write this, compliments of my trusty recurve bow!!!!!
    let's all kick aSS and hit our goals, keep eachother up n spirits.
    i just luv thi ****in place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Wow, goog stuff!
    Great solid foundation, and nice lat spread comin'.
    Hope the cycle serves u well. What doses will u be on?


  20. Gazid, as this will b the 1rst time i have ever used a prohormone supp, i will START w/ the recommended dose. after week 1 if all is well i'll ^ the dose. this 1rst cycle is more/less an experiment as 2 how i'll respond 2 4 wks of the stuff. after 4-6 wks away from it the 2nd cycle is where i will, hopefully, make the necessary adjustments 2 truly maximize the opportunity. b-good.

  21. That sounds well thought out. I think u'll be very pleased with the results. Personally, I was surprised at the results from my 1-Test cycle. I hope yours r the same.
    Again, good luck, and keep us posted

  22. Originally posted by tick
    well there they r. i am depressed cause i know i need A LOT of work, but i'll get there.

    Hey man slowly but surely!

  23. Wow bro you look awesome. Id just say work on the chest more and everything else looks good. Keep it up bro

  24. Looking good bro.

  25. Nothing to laugh at, bro! Your pics are solid...much like your physique. GREAT calves!

    Good starting pics...now let's get those post cycle one's up when you're done



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