I started my training 6 months ago

  1. I started my training 6 months ago

    The first pic is older than six months old but that was how I look from the time I graduated untill New Years Eve 2006, when I dedicated myslef to this.

    Begining, three months in, and just a few days ago.
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  2. great transformation man, huge change.

    And I wonder what you were doing in that middle pic

  3. You look like a completely new person. How's the gut doing? Great work.

  4. I was doin' my "gangsta" pose in the middle pic, and the gut...well its almost taken care of. 3 months ago my bf% was roughly 30%, and as of a week ago I'm down to roughly 15%. Still got mad cardio to do but gettin there when I'm down to 7-10% I'll post pix again.

  5. Great job man! that's some serious work to get the change.

  6. lol yea, a couple of hours a day.


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