since I'm new...

  1. since I'm new...

    Started out about 125-130 (can't really remember in this pic)
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  2. currently cut down to about 147 6.8% in this pic. I've been training off and on for about 1.5 years...5'8 (I may have been telling some of you 5'9 in the past but I think that was just wishful thinking, I'm definately 5'8)

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  3. hell yeah, good progress man, stayed lean as **** looks like delts look to be the standout muscles, lateral/anterior lookin great, good shape to em too.

  4. Lookin good Jay. Now just put on some mass and you'll be taken names... or is that phone numbers.

  5. woosh jay ripped to shreds bro great work, time to put the mass now and go big!

  6. Guy, you're shredded. I pray you're not still cutting down. It's time to eat.

  7. hehe, yeah I've been massing since monday.

    Draven, hopefully phone numbers


  8. definitely great progress bro. now just eat everything in site for about the next year and ull be a monster for next summer. good luck.

  9. You look great JayMc! Some definate improvement between the two pics...You going to try and stay lean while you bulk, or are you going for all out poundage?


  10. Lookin very lean. I have to agree with above and suggest you eat everything in site. I was very much like you when I started, very lean and cut and then I basically ate like a pig and slapped on some mass. Keep up the good work and eat up. late

  11. Looking good bro, what did you use to measure bf? I just got a a fattrackII and don't know how acurate these things are??? Just wondering what you used is all.

  12. BV, I'd like to stay lean, but I'm not scared to gain a little bf. I definately want increased poundage.

    I just use Accu-Measure calipers, they are like 5 bucks. I take 3 measurements and average them. I repeat this for a total of 9 sites and apply the parillo formula. Thats the best way as far as I know...


  13. The Red Squad is recruiting American Boys with strong down?
    Commander Kilgore.

    What do you guys think of harvey boners post? Says to use liquid not gel?

  15. Originally posted by kilgore
    The Red Squad is recruiting American Boys with strong down?
    Commander Kilgore.
    I got a strong back, and I know all the launch codes!!


    I didn't use yohimbe, just ECA...I'm still not 100% convinced yohimbe is worth my time...I dunno though...


  16. Oh ****, wrong thread to post this in hehe. Meant to put in the t-heat thread.
  17. Thumbs up

    Big improvement Jay. You look great! Keep up the good work.


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