Countdown to 1st Competition

  1. Countdown to 1st Competition

    Looking forward to my first show - end of October.

    Started training at 46, now 54.
    5'11" 211#

    Pics at about 24 weeks out.
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  2. Looking damn good for your age. You have plenty of time to get super shredded. I am excited to see your progress.

  3. Thanks, Brent. Since I've not done this before, it's going to be a discovery process for me. - Joey

  4. I would also like to add that although I have never done a show, nor will I ever... but I would still like to help out. If you want to know about fat loss products, ask me. Anything else.... ask someone else.

  5. WOW that's the kinda stuff people need to see. All those lazy asses who complain they don't have the time or energy.

    Way to go! Looking forward to your contest prep and results.


  6. I say looking great for any age, I see so many people post pics saying getting ready for contest and I think, wtf are you for real(not here ofcourse), but in your case, I can see it...Gives a 43 yo hope....

    GL mate.

  7. Lookin great Joey. I'm always impressed with the over 40 crowd Best of luck in the competition. If you feel motivated enough, we'd love to see a progress thread with pics each few weeks up to the event

  8. damn 24 weeks out and you'll already looking pretty ripped imo I'm sure your going to do great. best of luck keep us updated.

  9. ageless has some competition now

    looking great.

  10. 24 weeks out.... You have ample time to get shredded!!! Ripped1,Glenihan, Rysigpi, and some others have competed, as well as myself, ask away as myself and others are here to help...

  11. If I am as handsome as you are now when I am your age I will be a very happy man...

    So will my wife

    Best of luck and you will find a ton of support here.

  12. Looking awesome! What weight were you when you started working out?

  13. Very nice Joey, your a fine example of how training can defy the aging process. Keep us posted brother

  14. Thanks to all of you who have welcomed & encouraged me. I'm going to take you guys up on nutrition ideas for the cutting phase. Right now carb cycling seems to have the most supporters - but the implementations vary widely.

    As for what I was like when I started - at 44 I was fat, no muscle, and in cardiac intensive care. Two years of yo-yo dieting left me worse off than before - about 238# of blubber.

    This is fun ride - and I switched from being a Systems Consultant to Personal Training to help other people get it together - and have never regretted it.

    Thanks again for the warm welcome. Progress pics to follow.

  15. Thanks again for the many welcomes & encouragement. I'll take my cutting questions (and I do have a few) over to the nutrition forum.

    As to where I started - at 44, Cardiac Intensive Care. Got just scared enough to do something about it. But at 46, NO muscle, 238# of blubber because of yoyo dieting, etc. Then I got religion in the form of GOOD workouts and some sound nutritional advice. It's been a good road since then.

  16. you look great
    RIP Ryan, :(

  17. Hey man, you look great, regardless of age. Guys like you help keep the motivation going!

  18. Updated pic attached. 20 weeks out (taken this morning).

    Just started a nutrition thread in the Contest Prep section.
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  19. Looking great my friend I would love to do a show one day...if I ever get my stuff together...I just think thats its awesome that I still have that options being in my middle thirties

  20. looking great bro and progressing, wish to be as good looking as you are when i'm at your age

  21. Thanks, Mess -

  22. Wow, great job! Looking lean. Congrats!

  23. We should be asking you for advice!

  24. Updated shot taken 8/6/2006. 5'11" 209#

    The nutritional approach seems to be working well. Cardio starts this week. Daily intake is approximately 3100 calories.
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