New pictures

  1. New pictures

    linkage to sucks but its the only way i can send to people without haveing to register****118569

  2. Guy, gotta find a barber!

  3. And clean your room.

    Lookin good Dez!

  4. thick back, nice ****in lats man, still kickin ass and takin names I see. great job Dez

  5. Looking good dez, but for god sake, is there rats living in that room?.............. there has to be



  6. Looking good Dez. You do look quite similar to a white Bruce Lee.

  7. I dunno Bone, doesn't look that messy to me...

  8. Again I refiuse to comment until Dez cleans his room, sorry.

    Looking good Dez, if anything I would try and nail the chest some, back looks great, arms are good too.

  9. Good job Dez. Well done.

  10. good job bro...keep it up!

  11. HEY BRO! Nice to see you over here too!

    Lookin good and love the hairdo! Definately adds character! Post some more pics if you have em (here, and on my site dammit!)

    Later bro!



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