new guy on the block

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  1. new guy on the block

    hey im the new guy around here, i know a few of you thru the chatroom and like yellow jacket, ralph, bigdaddychemo, and a few others, so here's the body to go with the
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  2. more

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  3. more

    another shot
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  4. almost done

    the 2nd pic posted is the most recent pic i have i was about 213 in that pic im currently 5ft.5  220lbs
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  5. most recent!

    the pics taken outside that are bright were from over the summer and the 2nd pic and this pic was at the beggining of my bulking period
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  6. Holy cow!  Lookin good bro.

  7. damn got to stop putting us down brother why you got to be so deebo?? looking good....shiddd, let me take another look.....shiddd, yup deebo.

  8. B-BOY!! You monster!!

    Welcome to the spot, brother.. You're gonna like what you see, dude..

    I'll get to 220 one day, you'll see..

  9. wow bro you look amazing. Keep it up!!!

  10. I told you guys, I wasnt lyin' Put b-boy next to a Mac truck and you'll see the similarities. Lookin' awesome b-boy!
  11. Talking thanks

    thanks for the love bro's .... and petefox damn you are all over the internet bro, you post whore..     and yj sorry i couln't get any new photos yet but im working on it..

  12. bump on this bad mofo!!!....

    He is probably the biggest guy on this board...

  13. holy crap u r a damn monster b boy. whatever ur doin, its workin, so keep doin it. later

  14. You F'n Beast.....what else is there to say?

  15. man you look great. your a testiment of what time and dedication can do.

  16. That's it... I'm ordering a 50 gallon drum of T-1 and soaking in it until it's gone.  Good lord you look like you could fly with those wings!

  17. ummmmmmmm..... DAMN!!

    Sweet b-boy, looking swole as all hell!

  18. Nice work bro! Looking good!

  19. al i gotta me something to look forward to being only 5'7" myself and a rather short guy.  I need some lats like that man

    looking good...



  20. Originally posted by hamper19
    al i gotta me something to look forward to being only 5'7" myself and a rather short guy.  I need some lats like that man

    looking good...


    hamper bro youve got the body to hold sum mass from the pics ive seen of ya, just keep bangin, and calories calories calories, i tend to get pretty chunky in the offseason but it pays dividens when its diet time, i just diet slow...

  21. thanks man...quick question...i see that car in the back has a broken head light.......  did someone try to run you over or something?



  22. them are some impressive lats my man.

  23. holy f#@k.looks good tank!!!

  24. I found my idol

  25. reminds me of this man right here
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