my poor calf

  1. my poor calf

    it needs some fina!  poor little guy.just a public service anouncement for fina implants.  HEHE Yes i am board!!

  2. holy ****

    that is a big picture how the hell do i make it shrink computer gurus?

  3. downsized calf pic
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  4. dude, r u 4 real? that looks like a good calf 2 me. or am i just slow2 get the joke since it is 4:45am. i,m not firing on all cylinders. gonna go sit n a tree & prolly not c n-e thang!!!!!

  5. thats matthew D's though. dont want to make you feel even worse whale, but i got some good calves, so i only need to work it once a week, just couple of sets. but i make up that gift by having other weakness of course. (damn)

  6. Actually that is whale's calf.. I just resized the picture for him. Sorry for the confusion.


  7. ahhh....very true. whale, you seem like you have decent size. curious if you make calves a priority in your training. you probably know this, but if you feel calves are your weakness, focus more on em (putting em early in your workouts, working in couple of sets between other workouts) i know a dude with implants...he looks good but he saying he kinda regrets it (the cash wasnt worth it uknow....)


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