Crappy Pics of me!

  1. Crappy Pics of me!

    I tried to take two pics of myself and realized I'm an idiot with camera's, but here is a link on****72124

    I know I'm a fatboy, but I'll get there!!

  2. BIG arm. Can't be all fat. Lookin' good bro!

  3. Damn, man...those are some crappy pics ...

    damn, dude, you're pretty swole though.


    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  4. Thanks guys. I'll have to do some decent pics before my next PH cycle, probably in late December. I should really cut up before then. For now stats:

    Height: 6'
    Weight 270
    Waist 38"
    Arms 19"
    Thighs 28"
    Chest 51"

  5. you got the bulk dude....why dont you just cut now?!!

  6. Originally posted by Blindfaith
    you got the bulk dude....why dont you just cut now?!!
    I hear you, I'm doing a mini-cut cycle until December, then I'll be fully recovered so I can take over ww7's old cycle, looking forward to it. I've always been more interested in mass than cut, but I can't let go anymore. I have a really nice treadmill.....just have to use it I guess, huh?

  7. *asian voice* no mo boldenone pho joo!

  8. Nice pic, pork chop!

  9. hey bro looking huge as always

  10. You don't look that bad weave. Keep up the training bro and your cycles and keep us updated on your progress.


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