Before and after pics

  1. Before and after pics

    Age:21, soon 22

    Sex: Male

    Height: 5'8"-ish

    Weight: 183(atm) about ~10%bf

    Bodytype: endo/ecto

    Diet protocol: clean bulking STILL

    Training experience: about 4.5 years

    Training Schedule/Protocol: 2 on, 1 off

    Cardio Schedule/Protocol: I hate cardio

    Current supplements: Multi, Protein, ECA for the pick me up

    I did a half-assed test e at 500mg/week for 7 weeks no PCT no real diet when I 18, I have tried M1T.. Now I was looking into using MEGA TRN/TST stack.

    the first pic is from last sept(05) then sometime in oct/nov I decided on a clean bulk and been going since. Now i have adapted a carb cycling type of bulk. I strive for 3000-3500 kcals ED. CLEAN! THE LAST PICS ARE CURRENT.... Any type of criticism is more than I can only see it to be constructive.
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  2. Looking pretty good and after a couple more years of hard training i'm sure you're going to be pretty big.

    Only thing I would add since you're looking for constructive feedback is work more on your chest. Your arms shoulders and traps seem to over shadow em a bit.

  3. Awesome brother!

    thanks alot for your reply!

    Yea ive decided just to continue bulking, ill worry about cutting round memorial day weekend..

  4. Hey, I have about the same build as you, but I'm 6 foot 2 and have the same smaller chest problem. I figured out after a while that when I bench/work chest, if I squeeze my rear delts and lats at the middle and bottom of the movement I could get a better chest contraction and it's been working pretty well.

  5. nice job

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Noshirt52 View Post
    nice job
    Holy resurrection, Batman! Dude, this thread is six years old!

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  7. so what do you look like now then lol

  8. Looking good.I think if you take exercise and do good effort then your body becomes more attractive.


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