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  1. My pup tryion is a pit and people run when they see him comin... He runs up like he is on the attic but is just a very playfull guy. He's really a big vag

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  2. Quote Originally Posted by DreamWeaver View Post
    Yah I agree the owners are what give pitbulls a bad name I have one and she’s very gentle. You have to know your dog and there is one thing I noticed about pit bulls and that is they are sensitive and maybe a little insecure. That’s a really bad profile for a guard dog, discipline is not the answer with this breed love is. Yes they need lots of affection and reassurance. Given a good loving home, a pitbull makes an excellent pet.
    I agree, the city I grew up in had very strict laws regarding the breed. We had neighbors that neglected those laws while breeding them. They lived in a small two bedroom home and had multiple breeding pairs. I never saw any of them outside unless one managed to escape. The first incident was when my wife was outside gardening 8 months pregnant and a large female attempted to attack her. Luckily my dog quickly ended that situation. Sadly incidents like this continued to occur and we had to call and report it. All the dogs in the home were put down because they were deemed as very aggressive and they had a handicapped toddler in the home. Bad owners make for bad dogs especially with Pit Bulls.
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    These are my babies. The fawn girl is my son's he is 4. He would be lost without her, he feeds her, waters her, sleeps with her. This girl would go to the end of the world and back for my son.

    The APBT is not a man biting dog, the have been known in the past to cary animal aggressive behaviors, however the evolution of breeding has changed that.I own 7 Grand Champion APBT and have been breeding for 10 years. All my dogs have the best temperaments and have no food aggression, dog or animal aggression, people aggression, or any other aggressive tendacies. I breed them to be companions, I have dogs all over the US and Europe. A good breader carefully selects owners. I will not sell to just anyone. There is a background check and interview process. The APBT have a bad image because of horrible owners who use the good traits of this dog (courage, will to please human) against them.
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    Pic of my 3 kids... Front to back.

    Rocky, mastiff/choc lab 4
    Tryion, red nose pit 1
    Luna, chow/lab 13!

  5. ^^^^ thats what I am talking about. All lounging together.
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  6. Rocky Hanging out of that bed is funny. it's not his...three beds and they all interchange and sleep wherever they like. The bed he is in is tryions....

  7. The female looks awesome!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous dogs in this thread. A testament to loving and well-informed ownership.

  9. Osiris and kiiana!! My loving children lol

  10. Quote Originally Posted by lifter2005 View Post
    Im sure your pitbull is a wonderful pet, but I would NEVER let my baby et that close to any dog while it was eating, let alone a pitbull.

    p.s Thank you for your service in Iraq.
    have you ever owned a pit before?
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  11. i have a ABPT, Roxy who is 1 y/o. I know they can be dog/animal aggressive but i still take her to the dog park to socialize her. every time i go, people say Roxy is the sweetest dog out there. She did get into a fight (her first one) last saturday with a greyhound. the greyhound was sniffing her (male) then bit her leg/abdomen area and was growling. Roxy pinned the greyhound and grabbed the greyhound's neck. I yelled "release! Come!" and she did. This is very hard to get the dog to do though. I train her daily with protection training. Alot of it is advanced obedience training and it paid off Saturday. anyway, she usually flops on her back and rolls over if a larger dog approaches her but for some reason with this greyhound she stood firm, and now i know why. anyway, my pit has been around very young children many times (both on and off leashes). I would be 100% comfortable with leaving a 4 year old kid in my house alone with the dog. if anything, Roxy will lick the kid to death.
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  12. ^^^ this....

    Tryion is 1 and cuz he looks buff people think he is crazy and wants to kill everything and everyone. But that is 100% not the case. All that little boy wants to do is play all day. The day we got him I took the bowl away from him and he didn't even think about gettin crazy on my, the first day! I have no problem with the dog. T is my first APBT.... Great dog.

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    You can see why one would get a little on edge if this was running up to you. But he's really a nice dog... Just loves to play.

    The stance.... He does that on his own.


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