new as of 3/30/03

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  1. new as of 3/30/03

    here are my new pics.  no wheels cause they suck.

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  2. another
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  3. #3
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  4. last one back but its hard to see through the t-shirt.  soon as the guts respectible Ill be able to reveal it.
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  5. Damn D.. you are thick.. what size are the guns?

  6. 21.5 flexed right.  20 flexed left

  7. Awesome..

  8. That is ****load of size. Let's cut it up, summertime my friend.

  9. thick as hell bro, i would be interested in hearing some of your best lifts, cause you look strong as hell, and current height and weight.

  10. ... looks to me, like you could really benefit from adding some good size... yeah, right looking huge my friend, very huge

  11. Wow, thick is right... damn!
  12. Nelson
    Nelson's Avatar

    You`re a f%ckin Man-Mountain.

  13. my best bench was 475 7 weeks ago but I messed up my cuff and still have pain in it.  I dont max squat cause maxing just scares me so I stick with reps of 405 for 10 paralell for a couple of sets untill I can only get 5 reps.I do flys with 95 snd incline flys with 75.  I have never max incline BB.  The highest the DB weights go at my gym is 125 so thats my max i guess.  I just rep out as a burn after a good chest workout.

  14. Very big indeed. What are your goals overall?

  15. I want to become a pro wrestler.  Theres a monsterfactory in DC which is about 45 min away from me so I plan on training there after I finish school in the fall.

  16. looking massive man...i wish my max was 125 db'

    have u thought of a name for yourself when you turn pro wrestler....


  17. Originally posted by hamper19
    looking massive man...i wish my max was 125 db'

    have u thought of a name for yourself when you turn pro wrestler....

    i want to know this too ..

    also, come on man, i cant believe you posted your pics with such small arms!!!! ::SIGH!!!!:: ::GASP!!:: ...


  18. Prime Time Damon Hennesy is the best i've come up with so far cause i could have alcohol finishers like last call, final shot.  Ive also though about being called J.D,Money but thtas more of an indy name. Damon would be better suited for the WWE.  Anyone catch Mania or RAW last night.

  19. personally i dont watch wrestling..but when u make it let us know...ill tune in

  20. Looking good Destro. Very thick solid base to work with. Good luck with the wrestling it's alot of hard work from what I've seen. Be sure you are have good cardio vascular conditioning before starting wrestling.

    I caught Mania and raw.....grew up watching wrestling.

  21. hey man what time u liftin on monday?

  22. you will pay at 5. dont show up you will not finish the workout. this i commmand. 
    Last edited by destro19; 04-07-2003 at 06:46 AM.

  23. bump, where you at the columbia mall today? saturday the 10th. i think i saw you there with a white guy. your from maryland right?

  24. yeah I work at sears and I was on break

  25. Good luck with that wrestling stuff. Looking big bro...


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