My promised "New & Updated Pics"

  1. Thumbs up My promised "New & Updated Pics"

    Hi Everyone!!

    I am originally a joined memeber @, but I joined here to casue I like the people that are into what we all are into, fitness, health,BB, and other stuff(he,he,he).

    To all (who I hope see this) that have answered my ?'s in the past few weeks and to those I dont know & would like to get to know I have New & Updated Pics, 6 in all, plus 1 from last yr that I promised back on and wanted to bring to Anibolicminds too!

    there are all of 6 pics, just taken today @ 8am @ the gym. dont mind the sweat that showed through my w/out gear, if I knew it showed up I dont think I woul dhave taken tem, Oh well, so what right! Will try to dowload ones from last summer of 02.

    PLease feel free to e-mail me, let me know what you think,m fromlast yr to this yr, Yeah I know, I want to lean out, I was very upset when I took alook @ the pics now as to last yr, I even cried. But for someone that is going to be 39 this May, I consider myself not that bad off!

    We all tend to put some weight on, but nothing that cant come off & believe me, I AM NOT DONE YET! THIS IS JUS THE TIP OF THE "BARBEL".

    Do you think I could compete, am I too bulked up, not enough, need to lean out(yeah Iknow I do) or Yes, I know the bottom 1/2 too! I hate that part of me, I think I bulked up to much on bottom, plus I feel I am retaining fluid in my legs, My Monthly does'nt help either, I have it as the pics were taken.

    I am glad to take this Opportunity to show my pic's. Please "No NEGATIVETY" Only positive in order to help me achieve a better me.

    Thank you! Please share your thoughts and comments w/me, not against me. We are all, hopefully, friends here!
    Fondly, Emmy aka Gymcandy397
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  2. looken good!

  3. ^Bump

  4. Looking good biceps and triceps seem to be coming along very nice

  5. looking good, but no offense..u can't ask for criticism..then say no negativity, that could cause some people to lie...not me of course..but its get true constructive have to hear both good and bad.




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