ronnie's new video preview

  1. ronnie's new video preview

    it seems like he's getting betetr and better over the years , he looks insane (go on click here for a preview)


    unbelievable legs for somebody not tensing might i add (found that pic on his site)

    I will definitely be getting a copy of his new movie, love ronnie.


  3. I got unbelievable his first DVD and he is unbelivable in this new one !!!

  4. ronnie is the shizzznittt hope he won't die in the next years I don't know what he's on and I don't want to

  5. Actually Unbelievable was his second vid....The first was self titled and was really cool cause he was ****inig RIPPED at like 240-250!!! To me at his best or near it!



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