7 Months Progress

  1. 7 Months Progress

    Hey Everyone,

    First time putting any pics up so go easy. The hairy
    no tan pic was from November of last year and the
    other is from June of 05.


    Age 35
    Bodyfat 14.5%(using BodPod - Air Displacement Technique)
    Lifting - 15 years
    Natural until Last year

    Comments/Criticisms welcomed.

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  2. Awesome work. You're hella wide. I hope to look like your before pic in about 8 or 10 months.

  3. lookin thick man

  4. Looking wider in the tan shot. Looks like your legs have increased with added definition also. Nice job.

  5. Thanks gentlemen.
    I am currently cutting over the next
    few weeks. I hope to get the body fat down to single digits
    by the end of september.


    I actually have laid off my legs I was training for a
    powerlifting meet at the end of last year and was
    focused on squating 500. I am glad to say that I
    achieved that goal but it took a lot out of me. Below are
    the stats from that meet, first 3 lift meet that I competed
    in. I also won a local strong man meet during the same
    time period.

    Bench - 300
    Squat - 500
    Deadlift - 550
    @ a Bodyweight of 214.

    Overall I was pleased with my lifts, I made some mistakes
    that cost me some weight but I will know better next time.

    Little Man



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