Recent quad shot

  1. Recent quad shot

    I've posted pics here before, so here's a quick little "update", if you will.

    This was taken yesterday. I am currently dieting down for a show and am down 6lbs. I can't wait to see what these look like ripped up.

    Been trying to improve the calves lately, as well. I guess they they will look better as I lean out. However, on my next bulk, I am without a doubt going to blast the **** out of them.

  2. holy crap!!!! impressive

  3. shave off the fur, lol

  4. gross man

  5. Whats your quad measurement? Looks to be 25-26??

  6. Legs look nicely developed, congrats.

    But I've got to agree...the chewbacca legs gotta go


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