Amazing Transformation pics!

  1. Amazing Transformation pics!

    Has anyone seen these transformation pics? Amazing is an understatment! If you have ever thought that it just wasn't going to happen for you, check these out, read here story and realize it can happen for anyone.

    Then go to member pics and look at SuperBBGirl's thread!


  2. Yep, she wanted to be a hottie.................she did it.

  3. Wow thats crazy.... I thought dropping 10lbs was hard.. hehehe. Talk to ya...
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  4. mother****er! everyone look at this **** right now! that's amazing... man, I gotta stop bitching and have some faith in all my hard work lol... truly remarkable

  5. definately amazing progress, i wish i had some pics of me when i was 215 20%+ bf....

    shes got a hot bod, but wouldn't really call her a hotty.....more of a "butterface"


  6. Wow, amazing. I have to show this to my girlfriend so she can't get her lazy ass in gear.

  7. god...thats such a change.... bootylicious....

  8. WYD- Make no mistake.....

  9. Here's another transformation that's just as impressive:****7497

    Note that this one was done in 18 weeks. No drugs.

  10. I applaud these people...that is very inspirational...
    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  11. Originally posted by YellowJacket
    WYD- Make no mistake.....

  12. Great work by all of them. *Applause*

  13. For all of those lazy girls who are always sad for being fat or ugly, look at this girl! Get off your ass and do something about it!

  14. All of the above transformations kick ass...

  15. I love success stories like that. Just the thing that will keep me from eating that doughnut today.

  16. These stories and photos make me wanna work harder.. It may be inspiring for someone to see me or anyone else doing this, and say "Damn! I wish I had that physique!" It's these types of transformations that inspire me to continue, to compete, to extend a helping hand..

    SuperBBGirl is a friend, I met her on Extreme-Athlete forum, and I gave her some advice on pre-contest prep.. We chat quite often on Yahoo, and she is quite focused..

    Dedication, hardwork, and determination are all the key points in making it happen.. If you feel it can't be done, that's because everyone doing it has left you behind..

  17. Originally posted by andro69
    I love success stories like that. Just the thing that will keep me from eating that doughnut today.
    Nothing, and I mean NOTHING could keep me from my donuts, brother!  

    <<<--Taken 3/27/03 @ 2:35pm

  18. I'm guessing by the end of the day that chick will have posted her pics on every single boards on the internet. This is the 4th board today I've seen her pics on.

    She did an amazing job, and I would probably be doing the same thing.

    BTW-I'd tap it =)

  19. Excellent transformation indeed!


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