Let's get some pics up laides and gentlemen!

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  1. Pete you big bastard!

  2. Originally posted by bigpetefox
    Not that noone ever saw any of my pics...
    just look at the size of those arms

  3. Here are some older pics that I had up once before but have since dissappeared with the server moves we made. There not great but they show you in general my phsyique.
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  4. yup, thick! there's that kickass tatt

  5. Thanks biggin!

  6. Thumbs up

    Originally posted by Biggin
    yup, thick! there's that kickass tatt
    Jake's got another lion, now! Nearly forgot how strong you looked there, bro.

  7. oh, you did get that second one finished or whatever? on the other shoulder right?

  8. Yeah they are both done. Heres the left complete....
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  9. The right arm is.....
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  10. ****in awesome... good color on em too. you know, that new avatar would make a pretty badass one as well

  11. Ive thought the same thing bro!


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