Bodyfat Estimate

  1. Bodyfat Estimate

    I'm just tryin to get an estimate on my BF. My friend has a little digital caliper but i cant get it to say the same thing twice. The pic is kinda crappy. I just started a cut about three weeks ago from a starting weight of 240. Im at around 230 in this pic. I was a powerlifter for a few years and Im just really gettin kinda serious with bb'ing. I think I have to get around 190-195 to be decently ripped so I have a long way to go. What would you say my BF is? Thanks, Anthony
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  2. I'd guess 20-25%

  3. I'd say 20-22%...I don't think you're upwards of 25%.

  4. Yea, my guess was 20-22 also.

  5. Its hard to pay attention to your actual post with that avatar you have.

  6. lol....yea, shes super sexy. I had quite a few of her pics on my laptop but it needs a new motherboard.


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