Preparing to cycle

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  1. Preparing to cycle

    hey team

    im preparing to run my first cycle of anything, 3 weeks of SD. 30 y/o, 204lbs, 6'1.
    i will be starting in about 4-5 days. heres what i look like now.

    *edit for people misusing my pics*

    will post after pics when its time.


  2. Very nice bro. You ahve a very "different" looking physique.

  3. You have some good LBM. I think you will do very well. Best of luck to you.

  4. You look bigger than 204. Yes different look.

  5. Lookin' good already!! Very lean! Must be nice.. Looks like you have long torso, but again, looks good. Traps could use some work. Nice sized guns!

  6. thanks guys. i have a high metabolism so im always lean, i can pretty much eat anything.
    its strange, i do look bigger than people who weigh more than i do and are shorter, and there are kids at my gyms who are like half as big as me but lift more weight than me.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Cursed
    thanks guys. i have a high metabolism so im always lean, i can pretty much eat anything.
    its strange, i do look bigger than people who weigh more than i do and are shorter, and there are kids at my gyms who are like half as big as me but lift more weight than me.
    it's b/c ur soooo damn lean. Makes you look much larger--but thats a good thing. either way, 204 at your BF is great.

    Lookin' thick bro, for being cycleless you've got a great phsyique.

  8. you have a good foundation. couple areas I think you need to work on.... Upper chest, this will make the chest appear to be "raised" as opposed to the droopy look...also if you had bigger traps it will give you some more depth.

  9. yeah man, looking great. You're waste is small as hell!!! in a good way of What's the tape say on your ab measurement?

    This first cycle is gonna be great for you man, you're gonna get it looks like you've got your diet/training dialed in...props to you, good luck with the SD.

  10. bump to all the above posts! you have a very strong looking physique, especially your triceps and lats....tiny waist too!

    how long have you been training if you dont mind me asking?

  11. thanks again for all the encouragement guys. lets see here .. measurements i know now are 33 waist (32 if i suck it in) 17 3/4 inch arm (left is a little smaller) 26 quads.
    i started training in 2001 (at 155lbs) pretty steadily, but made all the classic begginer mistakes and didnt gain more than 5 lbs for a year. in 2002 i seperated my clavicle at the sternum and that took me out for several months, where i lost anything i had gained. actually i injure myself a lot, im never totally healthy. but ive been dedicated pretty solidly since 02', so i guess thats three+ years steady liftin.
    and im still trying to even out them traps


  12. Looking good bro, your triceps have some really good size on them. Mind if I ask what you do for tri's.

  13. very nice man.

    with all these SD threads im sure everything can be easily prepared and you'll have a good cycle.

  14. yeah man. for the traps, just keep bustin out those shrugs and upright rows. Go Heavy but also incorporate some drop sets to really get that good pump in the traps. Also, if you know how to perform the exercise properly, I'd recommend power cleans or Hang Cleans. Those will take your traps/shoulders/upper back to a whole different level. It will also help tighten up the shoulder joint if you're still having problems with that. Good Luck!!

  15. maybe ill just turn this into a cycle log

    punta: for triceps, once you understand the anatomy of it, you can sort of tailor them to your needs or wants. i knew early on that it was the tricep that made an arm big, not so much the bicep. so i learned as much as i could, talked to guys with big tri's, and lo and behold, now i have well shaped horseshoes. the problem, as i see it, is most of us hammer the press-downs like its nobodys buisness, then give other tricep exercises second fiddle. the biggest head of the tricep is the long head, the one on the back of the arm, and it is actually connected to your scapula (shoulder blade), where as the other two tricep heads start up on the humerus. so to make this long winded story a bit shorter, the exercises that elevate your humerus away from your body will hit the long head the best, since it is able to contract harder, being stretched out. this is what most guys are missing that i see at the gym.
    My main tri exercise for a long time was skullcrushers. i'd do em like i do bench press, 4-5 working sets, around 8 reps, failing on the last 1-2 reps of the last 1-2 sets, always using progressive resistance and a spotter for those last few. follow those with some overhead dumbell extensions (two handed variety). lastly i would throw in the press downs.

    Tad: whats a hang clean? ive heard the term but never seen it done. im familiar with power cleans, that exercise will make a man out of ya. what day would you do them in a traditional push/pull/legs split? also, i never do shrugs or upright rows, i just decided a long time ago i didnt want huge traps and no neck, but i can see now it is a weak point so i gotta start.

    thanks team


  16. Curse: The hang clean is very similar to the power clean, except you begin the exercise standing up as opposed to on the ground (like in the deadlift). Make sure that as you "catch" the weight at the top, you squat down with your elbows pointing out, as if you're doing a front squat. You can incorporate the power clean/hang clean in pretty much any workout. That's the beauty of it! It is literally a total body exercise. Me personally, I will do them on leg days and/or shoulder days. But, there have been times when I started my chest workout or back workout with power cleans. Also, if you play sports, cleans will greatly improve your athleticism. We're talkin' first step quickness and vertical jump baby!

  17. Man then I guess I am not that far away then if I am at 36 inch waist at 6'4. I figured I would be in the 32 inch range for good leanness. You really helped me out since you are tall as well.

  18. damn hommie! you have a great build dawg. keep it up

  19. diplomats: thanks holmes, your lookin pretty large and in charge yourself.

    bigphill: i wish i was 6'4.

    well today was day 2 at 10 mg, im actually down a pound or two
    normal im pretty sure .. but im thinking of bumping to 20 mg soon anyways ... maybe i should just go start a log

    cheers mates
  20. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    you'll ususally drop a pound or two the first couple of days on dries you out, but be prepared for some big gains...they'll come quick if you eat for it....

  21. Excellent physique. What does the tat on your tri mean (I'm always interested in the marks/scars/tattoos people carry and the stories behind them).

  22. damn tris. good luck with the cycle.

  23. Well, being this tall sorta sucks when you have friends who are smaller than you and always expect you to dominate in basketball, LOL.

  24. Jimmy: it says 'i love chinese girls'

    update on the cycle: i dont think ive been eating nearly enough, ive only gained about 3-4 pounds and im halfway through. it seems like my appetite is suppresed or something. i do look bigger still, its like i stay pumped most of the time.
    will have the after pictures up in a little over a week.


  25. I love chinese girls.... haha love it!


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