on and off season pics

  1. cutting pics now on the way to bulk

    use creatin, l-glutamin whey protein and a good diet.
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  2. ****in awesome leanness! mind sharing your diet tips?

  3. Well first of all I have to say that my weight was about 190 lbs before the diet
    and about 165 lbs I’m 5’8.

    I was also very active

    Worked out four times a week for about 60 minutes plus 4 to 6 hours cardio.

    I didn’t use heavy weights ( reps were between 15-20)

    I was on the following diet for 6 months

    non work out daysfficeffice" />>>


    First thing in the morning 2 gr of GABBA 50mg zinc

    100gr oats
    small glass of low fat milk
    50gr of dried raisins
    10gr of Diet fuel Twinlap
    (all mixed with oats)

    300 i.u Vitamin E
    500 mg Vitamin C
    1 x Multivitamin


    1 scoop of Diat fuel Twilap in water plus 1 big banana

    100 gr. of rice
    300 gr of vegetables
    100 gr. of chicken
    2 spoons of Amino Fuel Twin Lap

    80gr of Oats
    1 Big Banana
    1 small Glass of low fat milk
    all mixed with Oats

    100gr of Rice
    100 gr of Chicken

    30 Min. before bed time
    3 Gr. GABBA plus 50mg Zink

    on work out days I added to the Lunch and afternoon snach

    1 Scoop of Gainers Fuel 1000


  4. 4 to 6 hours of cardio

    Whatever your doing, keep it up. Look shredded, must be the L-Glutamine

  5. whats the deal with your pants in that pic ? ... did you lose THAT much weight that they are bunch up,, you look like you have yoiur fathers pants on bro !

    any measurements that you will share ?

  6. Ripped, all I can say. Keep it up.

  7. Ripped!

  8. That is amazing and something to be very proud of as a natural athlete!!

    Lookin' super ripped and I am loving the mad ab action!!

  9. you look like you went through a paper shredder, lol

    your looking awesome bro...do you rent those abs out to unfortunate guys like me who slack on their diet over the winter



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