my pics =]

  1. my pics =]

    Hi, a new here =] i took today some pics so i decided to poist them...

    btw anyone can guess my bf%? =] thx..
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  2. i think its time you bulk my friend

  3. I would have to aggree but you are definately lean...have you run any gear yet?

  4. He is almost too lean. He need some meat on those bones!!!!!!!!!!

  5. He's only 19. Let him grow a little more before gear. Good shape, though.. Bulking some would be good too..

  6. EAT!!!!! EAT!!!!!!!!!!!! EAT!!!!!!

  7. Your only 19. Plenty of time to fill out. Just stick to the basics. I think you will do well. Oh yea, eat your ass off!

  8. And pull up your damn pants no one wants to see your pubies!!
  9. ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday
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    Hey bro, seems like your doing good for yourself, your definitely LEAN which is where ya wanna be! I would personally LEAN BULK myself....and don't listen to the nonsense of using gear or PH's bro, you got everything you need! I would emphasize training more on your delts and on your lats as that would improve your V taper.....why don't you post up your training and diet and see if the bro's here can help you out!

  10. Yea i agree do a lean bulker for the rest of the summer. Then once fall hits do a real bulker and eat alot and put some fat on like the rest of us. Thats what fall winters for. Any gains you make will be really noticable b/c of how lean you are.


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