SirJuice's pics

  1. SirJuice's pics

    well here i am,, all 6'1" and 196lbs, now keep in mind i start at a mere 158lbs, so im proud nonetheless,, want to get up to about 240 or so, these were taken about 2 months after my last cycle and ive kept the gains and have been "medicine" free for over a year,, but will start my next cycle as soon as my protruding disc heals up,, so be nice fellas,,

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  7. Ok

    thats all i have for now,, as you can tell in the lat spreads,, my neck was hurting me a little, so thats why one side isn't flexed as much,, but thats me, so, let me know what you think,,


  8. real nice, good job for coming up from in the 150's I must say... nicely done, keep that **** up! ow

  9. Yea, I'll bump Biggin, in the last pic you look much heavier. You have good definition in your lats, which is tough for most people....
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    Thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated, that last pic of me is the most recent,, and ive been out of the gym for about 2 months now due to a back injury,, ill keep the progress posted once i return to the gym,


  11. your forearms look realy good bro, good quality, also your lats are looking excellent.. your chest is lagging a lil bit but excellent success story nonetheless

  12. Keep at it man. Good work. Good back shot.

  13. Nice shoulder devlopment. Bump on the chest bit, I have the same problem the damn thing won't grow. Anyways great job. I too started very low, 135 actually but I'm 5'9, and kow the struggle you went through and must say GREAT JOB!


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