18yrs old... Training for about 1 1/2years(not all together)

  1. 18yrs old... Training for about 1 1/2years(not all together)

    Just joined and thought I would post my pics. I just turned 18. I will get a front on shot and try and get a back shot.
    Weight: 174lbs
    Height: 5' 11"
    Chest: 42"
    Arms: 15.5"*now 15.7inchs*
    forearm: 12.4"
    Waist: 33" (urgggggggggggggg)
    Calves: 14"
    Max bench: 265lbs*now 280lbs*

    Before I started lifting a few years ago, I weighed about 135lbs and my max bench was 115lbs. Just about 2 months ago I started using creatine and whey protein and really started to get into it. I wasn't pumped up for the pics. So how am I doing?
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  2. Lookin' good, bro. Everything seems to be coming along well up front, so whatever you're doing, keep it up.

    Post your diet, routine, etc. Maybe we can help speed up those gains.

  3. do you hacve gyno?

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