Jmh80's Progression From 2001 to Now

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  1. Jmh80's Progression From 2001 to Now

    I just wanted to post some pics I came across from 2001 and some ones I actually took today.

    Here's my quick story, I took up lifting in 96/96 (high school), then got a bad left shoulder inpingement during my senior year of HS in 99. I basically took off from lifting till late 2000 or so, don't quite remember. I had probably gotten up to 155 lbs or so (I'm 5'11") before I had to stop. I remember when I started back I was about 140-145 lbs. These pics from 2001 (at least that's when the date modified says) I had been lifting for a few months, so I'm guessing I'm still below 150 lbs. I took them for the dumb Body for Life, I don't have the ones after.

    Sorry for the quality of these, poor camera at the time.

    Edit (6/21/08) - below is a collection of pics from 2002, 2004 and '07/'08. First row is Jan 2002, 2nd row (starting on top with my face blurred out) is Jan 2004, and the rest of the pictures are Nov 07/Apr,May 2008. I weight about 170 lbs today - was perhaps 160 or so in early 2004. Was in the 130's to 140's in '02.
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  2. Yeah, I should warned yall, I'm about as white as they come.

    Here are some taken today, not pumped or anything special. I'm now at 171 lbs. My arms are a little less than 15", my chest is about 38", my waist is 32" at the belly button, my legs are 24" a few inches above the knee, and my calves are 16".

    I've done all of this w/ eating, training, and some creatine. I wouldn't say I'm an exceptional responder. Nor would I say I can remember any supp really helping me more than anything.

    Ironically, I seemed to make my best gains back in '02/03 when I started getting serious about post-WO shakes. I added dextrose.

    So, from here, I'ma work w/ Bobo. Then probably move to some PH's I've got. I'm thinking an SD jumpstart w/ 1-test and 4-AD for my 1st PH cycle.
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  3. great work man! very nice peak on your bi .. i'm jealous

    bobo will definitely help you bulk up nicely

  4. Some more.
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  5. Thanks alot Glen, means alot coming from the MOTM.

    I've got some more I'll post tomorrow, this thing is taking FOREVER!

  6. Awesome work bro..awesome work ..

    Now if we could just do something about your taste in college football teams....Go Gators

  7. nice work buddy keep it up

  8. Great base to work with. I hope you do get with Bobo, I can see potential in your physique keep it up and stay natural as long as you are gaining, jmo.

  9. Nice work bro. I wish I had some pics of me shirtless in HS, i would post them just for you guys to laugh at. Can you say 5'10 232 w/25% bf, yea that was me and it's been a long road. Congratulations, keep up the good work.

  10. Thanks alot for the feedback guys. I'll keep you guys updated w/ pics as Bobo guides me.

    Sorry Die, I can't help but root for the state champs.
    27-10 UM!!!

  11. Ok guys, I started Bobo's deluxe muscle building program today. Weighed in at 170 lbs.
    I'm going to be eating 3500+ cals w/ at least 300 g protein.

    And training like an animal. I can already tell I'm going to have to check my ego at the gym door. Thanks alot Bobo.

    I'll also be a tester for activaTe, whenever it gets here. I'll keep a log of that in the DS forum. I'll probably post pics at the end of the month-long test of activaTe and the end of the 2 month MBP.

  12. Yo, email me about the Activate, CFUT...

  13. Will do, when I get it. Plenty of rivals bashing us in the sports section, if you are down for some smack.

  14. What!! one says anything about the Homer refrigerator magnets?

    Nice progression thus more after Bobo gets through with you.

  15. Nice progress. Keep up the great work!

  16. SJA - glad you caught that. I've got about 10 or 15 of them.
    I'll probably create a separate thread w/ pics after Bobo's program and also after I test activaTe (if it works).

    Cuffs - thanks bro.

  17. hey bro i just saw your pix and would like to congratulate you on a great transformation.....keep up the good work.

  18. Thanks man.

    Bobo is making me keep up the good work!

  19. hows the progress in Bobo's training coming?

  20. looks like you have added some nice mass.

  21. Nice work man! Who is that girl in your Avatar?

  22. how did bobo's muscle building program work out for you?
    i have the money now to do it also, and I REALLY want to, but my schedule SUCKS. i wake up at 1pm somedays and go to bed at 10pm the same night lol.
    Once school starts I'll have a better schedule.

  23. OMG Dude whats wrong with you in those pics?? A Miama hat? need to be sporten' them Noles otherwise youre just a &#^$!

  24. YJ & Cable - it went pretty well. I added 8 lbs. I'd guess 2 lbs. were fat (I got greedy and wanted gains so I pushed him to increase the cals, probably too soon).

    I honestly didn't think that Activate added that much. Perhaps it would have worked better with Rebound. But, it did raise my free test by 50%. I just don't think that translated into "real world" gains for me.

    BV - I wish I knew bro.

    Cable - Definately wait until you have the time. Eating will become a second job on his program for sure.

    Kris - 6 in a row!

  25. Good job with your gains .. I like your avatar !! who is she??


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