New pics: 230lbs. @ 5'10, 7 months of lifting

  1. New pics: 230lbs. @ 5'10, 7 months of lifting

    Hey all,

    Here are a few new pics just taken about an hour ago. All comments, questions and critiques are very welcome.

    Full body:****190629

    And, just for kicks, me and my lifting buddy (and best friend) Nick having some grilled chicken and tuna...****190634


  2. pretty damn good, only 17yrs old?
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  3. Looking good dude! Keep up the great work.
  4. Thumbs up

    The legs are looking like they are coming along very nicely, exceptional quad width and length.

    Chest is looking pretty thick too from what I can see, and the back is equally thick.

    Two things I would work on bringing up (judging from these pics) is your arms, they look a bit underdeveloped compared to the rest of your body (I have this same prob, been seeing results with volume work lately), and maybe get a shot of the traps up here, cause they might be lagging a tiny bit too.

    However, for 17 you certainly are doing a great job man, keep it up and you are gonna be real huge in the upcoming years.

    Goodluck and keep us posted!

  5. you're gonna be a beast man looking solid, nice quad sweep, low lat inserts .. good stuff my man

    keep eating and lifting, don't overtrain, and you'll be a monster

  6. Thumbs up

    Thanks a lot for all the positive feedback guys -- much appreciated!

    Thanks, man. Yes -- just turned March 2nd.

    Thank you very much for the detailed critque. Yep, the arms probably do need a little more work done on them. The traps, however, are definitely lagging quite a bit more than my arms. I haven't been doing shrugs as much as I should've been lately, and it's showing. Time to fix that, I suppose.

    I'm surprised you didn't mention my calves. I consider them my weakest feature, although I've recently improved my routine to reflect this. Thanks again for the comments though, buddy. I'll make sure to keep ya posted.

    Thanks -- based on your avatar you're looking pretty big yourself.

    ****, thanks man. I would suspect my back and legs are my best features. You're looking pretty big too dude.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by cakedonkey
    Hey all,

    Here are a few new pics just taken about an hour ago. All comments, questions and critiques are very welcome.....
    No prior lifting at all?'ve definately got some legs on you...that's for sure! Did you play football?

  8. Thanks for the compliment, dude. That's right, no prior lifting at all. I just started lifting towards the end of last August, making it about 7 months. I've played football before (pop-warner), although not much. I was more into soccer and basketball, both of which I've played for several years. A lot of people tell me I should play football, though. Maybe one day, but bodybuilding is more of my primary focus.

  9. i was curious if you played football bc of the size of your legs :P That's all. BUt, I think soccer (along with genetics) helps explain it.

    How are your lifts coming along? I'm guess the squat is good

  10. Current personal best [on the squat] is 405x6, below parallel. I try to go as far down as I can. On the leg press, I can get about 720 for 8 reps.

    On my last back day I hit 315 for 6 reps on the deadlift, and my most recent best on bench is 240 (my worst of the three "big lifts").

  11. Good stuff, man. Did you start squatting day 1, right off the bat? PPL who start w/ the core lifts from the beginning are doing themselves a great service in the long run...there is "always" a difference.

  12. Thanks. Yep, I sure did, and I'd have to agree with you. That is very true.


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