Noob Progress pics of 5 weeks into 1st cycle

  1. Noob Progress pics of 5 weeks into 1st cycle

    Well I figure that the more input that I get the better. People tell me they can see a huge difference. But everyone always judges themselves much much harder than others. So I decided to post some pics of before and 5 wks into the cycle. So go ahead and let me have it. I'm ok with it.
    5'8" 206 and 15.2 BF .... still trying to bulk

    weeks 5....:

  2. didn't need to see your ass crack

    Good progress thus far though.

    you've leaned out a bit and gained as well. Good job.

  3. tattoopierced1
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    [QUOTE=houseman]didn't need to see your ass crack



    Good job though, you can def. tell a difference.

  4. And remember everyone...crack kills!

    I can see a big difference. For the better. Keep up the good work!

  5. Huge difference bro, whatever you're doing...keep it up!

  6. ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday
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    Hell yea bro...good cycle. You look leaner and bigger....that's pretty much everyone's goal so good job. Maybe you can tell us what type of cycle you are on in the cycle log cause it obviously it the Transdermal Methoxy and Ecdysterone combo? LOL

  7. Good results....Notice how the Cephalic Vein in your bicep has developed well in your after pic, sure fire sign of good progress

  8. thanks for the positive feedback!!!!

    It's my first cycle and I'm basically trying to keep it simple. I'm eating everything possible in sight, as long as its good (healthy ) food. Real high protein, high carbs and cals. I know the best way to bulk up is to eat up. I can get "cut" before summer.

    My cycle is 2 ccs of test 250, So I'm getting I belive 500mg of test per week and its going to run about 8 wks. I have about three and a half weeks left. So far , so good. Then I'll start pct with the nolva and zma, If anyone has any suggestions please don't hesitate, I look forward to hearing it all.

  9. Good job man! I can really notice the change

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Superus
    Good job man! I can really notice the change
    Thanks man, It's always hard to really judge it by yourself!! I must be doing something right because so far the comments have been good, thanks

  11. what are u taking as fas supps are concerned?

  12. Cant go wrong with 500mg/wk Test for starter bro...looking good...nice crack
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