This is me 7 months ago..

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  1. great physique!

  2. Check your PM's Belbs75!

  3. Originally posted by windwords7
    Check your PM's Belbs75!
    bro check your pm

  4. hey what does your chest routine look like? very impressive bro..

  5. I'd give my left nut to be cut like that. Good work man!

  6. Originally posted by LakeMountD
    hey what does your chest routine look like? very impressive bro..
    Bro the usual stuff, i do 5 excercises, for chest, 1 week i start with flat bench as my first excercise the next week i start with incline and swap them around every week, also do incline flys, cable crossovers, then superset dips with dumbbell pullovers... I train for a month with heavy weights down to light E.g maximum weight for 3-4 reps and work my way down in weight with higher reps, then the next month i do the opposite.. it works well for me.. There are times that i start of with pecdec as my first excercise, it really shocks the muscle and gives me a good pump..

  7. Awesome work man -- how long have you been training for?
    and wow 5 cheat meals in 5 years?
    thats amazing, how do you do it if you go vacation?

  8. 5 cheat meals in 5 years?!? how in the hell do you keep your caloric intake high without getting any fat like that..

  9. Originally posted by LakeMountD
    5 cheat meals in 5 years?!? how in the hell do you keep your caloric intake high without getting any fat like that..
    Bro have you heard of a George Foreman Griller?? Well that goes with me everywere i go. And alot of the times when i am travelling i will prepare my chicken and take it with me on the plane. My vege's are always eaten raw.. E.G broccoli, asparagus, spinach...
  10. Nelson
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    I`ve tried eating broccoli raw, but the stuff grown hyrdoponically tastes too bad unless boiled for a minute or two.
    Do you only eat `naturally` grown broccoli?

  11. LOL... Bro i eat anything i can get my hands on... I find eating vege raw gets you full, that way you can always stay intact with your calorie intake. Nothing worse than finishing your meal and still feeling hungry. Thats were the vege helps out with lots of water afterwards.. It works for me anyway..
  12. Nelson
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    Just noticed you`re from Australia.
    I`m from Perth.
    Where are you in Australia?

  13. im from sydney.. But im in the U.S at the moment

  14. belbs and Nelson Check your PM's
  15. Nelson
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    I`m also an expat.
    In Japan now.

    Just sent you a PM.
    Feel free to ask any more questions.

  16. hey bro what are you doing in Japan? Do you work there? I went there and it was ****ing so expensive. I heard that gyms charge ridiculous prices, is that true?
  17. Nelson
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    I `teach English` at junior high, but half the time I`m on the internet or on holidays
    My salary is fairly good, but it is very expensive here.
    It works out cheaper to buy my supps from the US & get it here via FedEx, than to buy it in Japan.
    My gym is 8,000 yen a month = US$66.50
    Since I live in the country, I think it`d be a lot more in Tokyo.
    What you do in the US?

  18. im just holidaying. I got another 4 weeks to go here then im off to Europe, won't be back home till November.
  19. Nelson
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  20. vadox6466
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    fairly impressive..

  21. Great work man!

  22. good building

  23. Very nice. Great dedication. So few people understand what it takes to get in such great shape. Even fewer are willing to do it.

    Edit: I just saw this thread is from 2003... Wow. lol

  24. Vadox, that might be in the running for sickest thread bump of all time.

  25. Amazing.


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