This is me 7 months ago..

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  1. hey bro what are you doing in Japan? Do you work there? I went there and it was ****ing so expensive. I heard that gyms charge ridiculous prices, is that true?

  2. Nelson
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    I `teach English` at junior high, but half the time I`m on the internet or on holidays
    My salary is fairly good, but it is very expensive here.
    It works out cheaper to buy my supps from the US & get it here via FedEx, than to buy it in Japan.
    My gym is 8,000 yen a month = US$66.50
    Since I live in the country, I think it`d be a lot more in Tokyo.
    What you do in the US?

  3. im just holidaying. I got another 4 weeks to go here then im off to Europe, won't be back home till November.

  4. Nelson
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  5. vadox6466
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    fairly impressive..

  6. Great work man!

  7. good building

  8. Very nice. Great dedication. So few people understand what it takes to get in such great shape. Even fewer are willing to do it.

    Edit: I just saw this thread is from 2003... Wow. lol

  9. Vadox, that might be in the running for sickest thread bump of all time.

  10. Amazing.

  11. Keep up the hard work.

  12. lean cut

  13. If this is from 2003, what do u look like now? I can only imagine dude. Dam ripped, nice job
    you can lead a man to knowledge, but you cant make him think.

  14. Wow at your eating dedication. I need it!

  15. First nice work, but why 7 months ago? Oh yeah and not to be rude but in all truth you look like u got a slight case of gyno. You got a pretty large core as well not much for symmetry but none the less still looks good.
    My Staple: Muscle Feast Whey Protein Isolate, Creapure MCM


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