Before/After Superdrol Cycle

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    Before/After Superdrol Cycle

    Sorry I only have one pic (1 recent pic of my back/shoulders from pre-cycle). The first pic was taken a few weeks before my cycle started and the after pic, taken during the last week of the cycle. For those of you who don't know or didn't see it, it was Superdrol/19-Nor cycle. Christmas Bulk: Superdrol and 19-Nordiol Gained about 10-11lbs.

    Can't wait to get through PCT so I can go on a nice cut to get down to single digits.
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  2. Good deal. Def. look bigger.

  3. ****, son, that's amazing!

  4. Great results....what was the LBM gain???? Strength????
  5. darius
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    Quote Originally Posted by kwyckemynd00
    Great results....what was the LBM gain???? Strength????
    Strength was through the roof. Check out my cycle by clicking that link I posted (goes into detail on strength and size gains).

    Thanks for the compliments. I am actually looking forward for this cut, now that I have some mass. Then I will do Superdrol again, probably in May.

  6. Nice gains Darius!

  7. Good job dude!

  8. good job bro, definately bigger.

  9. nice job I cant wait to run super

  10. What I don't understand is why no one can get a decent picture of themselves up. Serioiusly people, are y'all that shy to pose for someone?

  11. ......... but you do look good so don't take it negatively.


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