Yates back pic

  1. Yates back pic

    This was one pic I hadn't seen. It reminds me how crazy Yates' back is:

  2. thats nuts............ god unreal.

  3. Holy ****!!

  4. OH MY GOD!!!!

    I've seen plenty of Yates pics before, but that's the first time I've viewed that one. I think I have a newfound appreciation for how massive he truly was.

  5. He was the man in his day. Too bad injuiries caught up with him

    Quote Originally Posted by Arnold Schwarzenegger
    The mind always fails first, not the body. The secret is to make your mind work for you, not against you..
    Arnold Schwarzenegger

  6. Yates was awesome!

    That's my fav pic of his....

  7. That's just sick!! No way Coleman could've competed with that!

  8. well dorian was called "the man with 2 backs

  9. Quote Originally Posted by wojo
    well dorian was called "the man with 2 backs
    Not only that, but he could come in "shredded" at contest time too.

  10. extremely hard and shreded while also beign injured..dorian is my fav olympian

  11. Dorian's why I started bodybuilding. I'm a big ronnie fan to, but dorian has this dense quality ronnie doesn't have. And dorian's back is unfreakin real. Ronnie's is obviously awesome, but dorian's has this look of powerthat's hard to believe.

  12. He has enough meat to keep a buncha lions full for the month, lol


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