10 Week 1test4AD Pic

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  1. 10 Week 1test4AD Pic

    After pics after almost 10 weeks. Sorry if there kinda bad, i can only take pics with my cam while holding it
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  2. 2 more...The last one I think i took best
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Renton405
    2 more...The last one I think i took best
    you have a good base... if you plan on running another cycle, i would look to run a 1-test cyp, test prop cycle... cut your cals, carbs, input some cardio and all that top layer of fat will come right off.

  4. Yea on my pct ill start cutting down the cals...ive been in the range of 3500-4000 daily

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Renton405
    Yea on my pct ill start cutting down the cals...ive been in the range of 3500-4000 daily
    DONT cut cals during pct

  6. 10 weeks is awful long for 1-test/4ad. You running hcg?

    I agree you need to cut, but don't do it during pct.

  7. I was told by some others 10 weeks is okay if sides r well...I have about 3 more days till PCT....I started mid november so its more around 8 weeks...But yea to shed that fat wont be a problem at all cause of my fast metabolism...Maybe a few tanning sessions too would help

  8. If you've been on cycle for 10 weeks, DO NOT!!! cut your calories during pct. You are pretty much guaranteed to be highly shutdown, and all that lowering calories during pct is going to do is cause you to lose a good portion of your gains. To be on the safe side, wait at least a few weeks after you finish pct to start cutting.

  9. Alrighty, I keep the calories up...What do u guy think though, did I do good on this cycle from the results?

  10. Ive lifted for about 1 1/2 years a few years back..then stopped...and now started again a couple months ago...Funny you say that since friends have asked me if I was on steroids...Newb how bout we see a pic of you?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Renton405
    Yea on my pct ill start cutting down the cals...ive been in the range of 3500-4000 daily
    Not a good idea, as stated above

    keep 'em high!

    edit: sorry, the pics are to crappy to tell the difference

    I can definately see the mass in yoru chest and arms. When you peel those layers off, you can make newb take his words back

  12. I'd just do my best to ingnore ignorant comments such as those from Newb017 if I were you. I'm sure others on the board will agree with me in saying that those kind of rude, non-constructive comments have no business around here.

    What kind of mass gains did you see during the cycle? Strength gains, etc. would be useful as well in us gauging your success on the cycle.

  13. looking over my comment i realize it was very unconstructive, but i said it out of pure frustration, maybe you look bigger in life, but honestly you came off and very uninformed, you asked us how we thought you did, i just dont see much, granted it is without pics from before your cycle, way too many people are turning to ph/gear before they're actually ready and it's frustrated seeing all of them doing it, so maybe i jumped to conclusions and you are perfectly ready, sorry, as for a pic of me, i dont have anything current but this is about 10ish months old


  14. I started the cycle around 180-182....and now im flutuating between 200 and 203...
    I dont do maxs, but I use around 240-250lbs on the bench for 6-8...and 220-230 for 12-15..If I did a one rep max I dont know, but it would kill my joints thats for sure...The problem is that I have long arms, so there is a 'sticking point' on the bench press that I cant lower my arms under..I am unable to touch the barbell to my chest without my elbows going way below level...Before the cycle I was using around the 200 range flat for benching

    The pics are with a cam, so low-quality, no oil or lotion, no pump up, and no tan or bronzer either

  15. 20 pounds gained certainly sounds like a successful cycle to me.

  16. yea, id say around 6-8 lbs were fat from the higher cals...

  17. 20 is a very solid cycle, if you have before pics at all i'm interested to see your bf% before hand

  18. Renton I'm also doing a 1-T/4-AD cycle. I've gained around 20lbs and dropped BF%. I'm going on PCT a week from sunday.

  19. ^^^

    hey bro i'm very interested in your results, mainly during and after pct, let us know how it goes

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Newb017

    hey bro i'm very interested in your results, mainly during and after pct, let us know how it goes
    I will, this is my 6th week, I'm doing a 7 week cycle.

  21. Legs are 26 Inches, almost 27 in the upper meaty part..
    Arms 16 inch cold

    Before arms were about 15..maybe 15 1/3

    I wish I had a before pic

    I guess I can use this as my off season(before) winter bulk pic...Take rest with PCT...and then start another cycle before late spring/summer, where ill cut down, and post that pic months later down the line

  22. Well Im almost a week into the PCT and I have only lost 1 pound...I am 200.8 lbs..So not too bad..My balls are full and plumpy now and not penuts anymore...the 6oxo is quite effective...no strength loss really..The only thing ive suffered is a bad loss of libido, but no problem for me really since I dont have a GF right now(as well as not wasting money on paid women)...but I think my next cycle I will drop the 4ad cause it made me too puffy and bloated...maybe just 1test and tren, I dont care about the libido loss...

  23. you went 10 weeks and you're only using 6-oxo?

  24. 10 Weeks and your using 6-oxo, sounds like you are taking some major risks there, you really need to get hold of some Nolva!

  25. there's better ways of expressing your opinion, if you feel that way so be it but at least express some reason why

    EDIT: and i'd also like to add that just like one of my earlier posts, though he may have ran what appears to be a successful cycle, he's using 6OXO after a long 1-T cycle, aka uninformed and probably jumped to ph too soon, hopefully it all works out good though


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