Progress Pic

  1. Progress Pic

    Here's one of me from a few minutes ago here @ the firehouse. Just finished up w/ a chest workout. I don't have any before pics, but trust me, that S1+ made a huge difference! Can't wait till my SD comes in!

  2. Looking lean and large!

  3. Looking sick bro.....traps are solid!


  4. thanks for the comments 'gents! I'm far from lean. I've been trying to bulk up over the past few months. Nov & Dec killed me w/ all the food & alcohol. I've been alcohol free since 1/1 and the diet has gotten cleaner as well. I just started a new chest workout that's got me doing reps w/ 200. I've never been able to do that!! That alone has got me so jacked up to keep working out, I love it!!

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