Figured I'd go ahead and post my fat-loss progress...

  1. Figured I'd go ahead and post my fat-loss progress...

    So I began this journey just 8 weeks ago and felt it is time to post my progress.

    Right now I'm mainly focused on shredding fat. I will start adding more muscle mass in the near future...

    After 8 weeks I've dropped ~40 lbs. Don't know my bmi.

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  2. Forgot to mention what I've been doing.

    Combination of CKD + intermittent fasting + weight training + cardio

    I'm on my phone and it'd take forever to type out all the specifics...

  3. good job buddy, i would emphasize hypertrophy a little more because it should increase fat loss with added lean mass...
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  4. Are you referring to weight-training itself?

  5. yes
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  6. I do that as well.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by CaliBuddha View Post
    I do that as well.
    good deal...
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  8. Looking good!
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  9. Nice job!!!

  10. Thanks for the encouragement. I'm still going strong.

  11. Great job! Just keep working and don't give up on your goals!
    NPC Competitor
    2013 NPC Arizona Open - 2nd Place Men's Physique Class A
    Time to get ready to hit the national stage!

  12. Wow that's incredible in 8 weeks man keep up the good work

  13. Good job bro. Stay motivated.
    The fight is won long before you step out into those lights, its won through all the hard work in the gym ,through all those miles ran-Ali


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