my pic....

  1. my pic....

    okay... this is a real old pic... this is me at age 16 after about 1 year of training... i was a 160lbs skinny bag of nothing. I am now 19.. and im about 255-260 with a 15-16% bf. this summer i will be taking pics with a friend of mine, as we both post at another site... so hopefully i will get them up and share them here.

    sorry bout the pics.. yes i know i have some fat on me... but honestly... my bf is no more than 16% in that pic.. i have pics from the same photo shoot to prove it... the lighting is terrible

    i just wanted to post these to maybe give people an idea of who they are talking to in the forums..

    the internet is a scarey thing... you dont know who you are talking to... and yes i am a scary looking guy
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  2. not bad dude! alota mass there. planning on cutting?

  3. Bump- We need more people to post their pics, thanks Joe....

  4. thanks bro.. actually last winter at age18 i had more mass than that on me at 268 and a tested 15% bf... gotta remember that pic is 3 years old

    i do plan on cutting throughout the season... I play tennis at my college if you remember from usually by the end of the season, i will be down to about 9% or so... I lose a hell of alot of strength and muscle too... but thats allright.. i can always gain it back....

    im not a bodybuilder like most people on here... im just a recreational lifter.. i do it cause i like to lift heavy... i dont think i will ever have a body like yours dez( ripped )... i put alot of things before lifting.. and i dont know if i have the willpower to have the diet of a world class bodybuilder...

    look at me.. im rambling on... i need to stop...

  5. Originally posted by YellowJacket
    Bump- We need more people to post their pics, thanks Joe....

    not a problem bro... i know its not the best pic in the world.. and im not ripped like most you guys on here... but i just go for strength...

    my nickname in HS was "shreik".. cause im a big dumb stupid ugly oager"

  6. Joe, so you think you have a chance of jumping from the JV tennis team to varsity?

  7. LMAO!!!..

    well.. i guess i will stay on the jv squad... we are a top 50 d-3 team in the country.... varsity would be just too damn hard

  8. Keep training man and reach your goals

  9. thanks bud! i know its a terrible pic... and i know im holding water and have maybe a bit too much fat on me... but at age 16.. i would rather be a 245 lbs and 16% than a 160 skinny punk

    thank you for your kinds words... since age 16, i got up to 268 at the same bf... and now at age 19... im currently 255 and i can see my abs. im a college tennis player, so a cutting diet( i usually use keto) is really not optimal for me.

  10. Originally posted by bigliftsCNU
    i would rather be a 245 lbs and 16% than a 160 skinny punk
    Hehem. I'll try to ignore that.

    Looking good man. Good luck with your tennis.

  11. hey.. i was a 160 lb punk( well come to think of it.. im just a 255 lb punk now )... so im allowed to say that...


    acutally i wish i was like you... actually i have always been big... i was like 230-235 my freshman year in HSat about a 25-30% bodyfat.. i worked my way down to 160 lbs.... come to think of it... i was a punk then too
  12. AMG
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    Nice solid base you had built up back then bro. I'll keep an eye on this thread to see the current pics.

  13. thanks man..i appreciate it.. im going to try and post 2 more pics from that same photo shoot 3 years ago to maybe show a bit more of my physique back then... i will be posting pics hopefully over the summer, as i am going to travel out to meet a member who is really cool and we are going to lift and post our workouts on the website.. hopefully ill get those pics on here.


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