September 2012 till May 2013 progress pics

  1. September 2012 till May 2013 progress pics

    The first pic shown I had already dropped around 40lbs, but unfortunately I somehow deleted my original before picture. Needless to say, I was fat... around 236. I also didn't really care about losing muscle mass and just wanted to drop weight. I was doing lots of cardio, including insanity dvds, and not really paying attention to protein intake either, only making sure I was counting all my calories, getting 1450 a day, as my goal was to lose two pounds a week.
    The 2nd picture is after starting to incorporate weights again, however I enjoy cardio, so I began doing a spartacus workout, picking exercises that would allow me to hit most make groups.

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  2. Huge difference between the pics! Great job!

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