My newest client - log & pictures after a CKD

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    My newest client - log & pictures after a CKD

    I advise a lot of people and help with many diets and write some of the diets plans for them. This journal and picture is a good friend of mine who is still going great following the plan.

    Height: 5'7''
    Weight: 176 (lost 2 pounds since last week on the PWO shake & new cardio regiment)
    Waist: 34

    Height: 6'2" (whatever, I can dream ...)
    Weight: 155 (not that it actually matters if its muscle)
    Waist: 30

    May 2
    Weight : 176 lb.

    May 9
    Weight : 172 lb.

    Had my first carb up session this weekend, 12 hours on Friday and a full 24 on Saturday. I made a mistake and didn't spread my first couple of meals' calories over a longer period (damn pancakes), but I kept everything proprtional.

    May 9: 172 lbs.

    May 16: 175 lbs.

    The increase in weight is a little discouraging, but judging by the mirror and not the scale, I still look a LOT better -- my waist definitely looks good (especially the obliques) and the love handles are still almost MIA. Regardless, I switched up my routine today so I could lift the day after my carb up and the results were amazing -- I made gains in everything again.

    As of May 18, my fat weight is 18.65 lbs., lean weight is 153.35 & my body fat is 10.8%.

    May 16: 175 lbs.

    May 23: 173.8 lbs.

    I'm still making HUGE gains in the gym, for instance, adding a total of 30 lbs. to my flat bench workout and I'm up to dipping 40 lbs. in addition to my body weight. I definitely don't feel like I am losing any muscle or gaining any fat whatsoever. My pants are definitely a lot looser these days since my legs and glutes are a lot more toned as well, and my chest protrudes over my stomach like it used to back in the old days.

    May 23: 173.8 lbs.

    May 30: 173 lbs.

    I finally invested in an $0.86 cloth tape measurer, so I can track my measurements (first time doing this):

    Waist: 34-1/4 (which I find weird since I fit into size 32 pants with room to spare)
    Bicep: 14
    Chest: 40-6/8
    Thigh: 22
    Calf: 15-1/2

    May 30: 173 lbs.

    June 6: 171.2 lbs.

    June 6: 171.2

    June 13: 171.8

    June 13: 171.8 lbs.

    June 20: 169.6 lbs

    June 20: 169.6 lbs.

    June 27: 170.8 lbs.

    June 27: 170.8

    July 5: 165.0

    July 5: 165.0

    July 19: 161.5

    All I can say is AWESOME. For the amount of weight I'm putting up, I can believe how much less I weigh. Unfortunatly, I lost noticable size in my chest but I *think* I can deal with that since my waist measures 32 inches around now and my obliques are looking sick. And to think in less than 4 months I lost almost 18 pounds

    May 16: 175 lbs.
    34 waist

    Dec. 22: 155 lbs.
    30 waist

    And now for his Most recent pic....
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