Well into my summer cut!

  1. Well, a while back I decided that I really wanted to slim down and make my best attempt at building some muscle before summer gets here. At this point I feel like I've made enough positive progress that I want to share and will continue to share through the next couple months.

    First a little background on myself. I'm 22 years old and a college student. In high school I was a very heavy guy (386 lbs at my biggest). I made some changes and ended up dropping down to about 235 by the end of my senior year (it took me about a year and a half to make it that far). I've been fluctuating and I've been anywhere from 240-270 for the last couple years. I've lifted off and on for a couple years now but I decided to get serious about it this time. I had been working out for about the last 4 months but wasn't really putting 100% into it. I kind of have to steer away from the story for a second to continue the story so bare with me. Shortly after Christmas, my long time girlfriend and I broke up and I decided I would put all the time that I would have normally spent with her, in at the gym (and I figured throwing some weights around would help with some anger from the break-up). So I've been training extremely hard since Mid January. I've been making sure to take pictures of myself from time to time because I wanted to track how my body changes as I lose the weight while hopefully putting on a little muscle.

    As far as my diet goes, I eat extremely clean. The majority of what I eat is fruit, vegetables, and white meat. I don't count my calories but I try to eat 4 small meals per day.

    I usually work out 5-6 days a week. Cardio is 6 days a week for me. I switch up my workout so this isn't how it goes every week but its usually something like this:
    Monday: chest/tris
    Tuesday: biceps/shoulders
    Wednesday: legs
    Thursday: Light cardio
    Friday: Chest/tris if they aren't sore anymore
    Saturday: Biceps and upper back

    I also do various midsection workouts usually twice a week, usually consisting of sit-ups, crunches, planks, and reverse sit-ups.

    My cardio probably averages about 40 minutes every time I work out. I usually do the elliptical, treadmill, and some other jogging machine.

    Animal pak multi vitamins and fish oil every morning
    pre workout: Supp-D+agmatine sulfate+creatine
    Post workout: After Glow up until this point (I ran out today) I also have a protein blend that I take when I feel it's needed. Usually after workouts, sometimes in the afternoon too.

    So now that you've heard my life story, here's the pics!

    The before pictures were from January 19th and I was 268 lbs. The after pictures are from tonight and as of this morning I was 245 lbs. My goal is to hopefully be around 215 by June and I will post final before and afters when I reach that goal.
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  2. Good progress!

    I want to suggest looking in to full body routines based around compound lifts for both fat loss and muscle gai at your level. Heavy squats, deads, presses and olympic lifts will go a looong way.

  3. and the stimulus from heavy lifting will hep you maintain yor strength

  4. I took the couple suggestions that I got into account and added deads to my routine. I do squats as well but I have some knee problems and the weight I'm able to squat is pretty minimal

    I wanted to post updated progress pics. I just got done running a bottle of Natural EFX and saw some decent results from that in combination with a very clean diet. However I'm onto my next stack. I'll be running ABE, Erase Pro, and Alphamine for the next 8 weeks with hopes of adding a bit of mass and leaning out a little through my chest and mid section.

    This pic is comparing a pic from just over a month ago, to the point I'm at now.
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  5. Keep at it man, them is some results.
    Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the LORD shall be a light unto me. Micah 7:8

  6. Just found out I'm going to Myrtle on June 1st so that's some more incentive for me. I've been around 235-237. Hopefully I'll be down another 10 lbs or so by then.

  7. i just came back from myrtle...
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    i just came back from myrtle...
    That's gotta be a sad feeling...I didn't think I was gonna get to make it to the beach this year but I got in invite so I'm in. And my body is a hell of a lot better that it was last year so I'll be ready to show it off!


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