18 months of work

  1. 18 months of work

    I graduated high school at 146 lbs. I never really worked out very hard or with very much consistency. I played football but only because I was fast. I got a scholarship out of high school to play football and was red shirted so they could put some weight on me. I got bored and played intramural soccer like an idiot and ended up lacerating my kidney in a freak accident. So I lost half a kidney and a scholarship. When I got out of the hospital and cleared for activity I decided, since my doctor won't sign a release for me to play ball anymore, I'd start lifting and trying to gain weight.

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    Me before

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  2. Outstanding work man!

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    Day by Day, we get better and better! Tillí we canít be beat Ė Wonít Be Beat!

  3. Great progress. Keep it up!

  4. agreed. good definition going on there, keep on bulking....
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  5. Good work man! I'm in the same boat as you but I wasn't quite as light. Keep it going!

  6. Niceee work man. How was your program?

  7. nice work dude!

  8. Great work! I weighed only 135 lbs when i graduated in 97. Ive put on 70 pounds since then. Keep at it!
    Remember why you started.


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