This is Furious

  1. This is Furious

    Well as the topic clearly states, this is me and more importantly, my physique. Feel free to critique.
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  2. lots to critique but would have to know your goals first in order to provide feedback.

  3. Well I am a fitness model, so beyond any set goals in terms of size or strength, I merely aspiring to have an asthetically pleasing appearance. Beyond that I would like to add some mass to my chest, and perhaps 5-10lbs of mass long term. Feel free to tear me apart

  4. Lats and chest for sure

  5. big compound movements, eat, and shave , please shave.
    good starting physique

  6. If he was 200+ and ripped they wouldnt be gay ass pics...

    Seriously though - you look good and lean, no doubt you're what they're looking for for what you're doing. This is a bodybuilding/powerlifting/etc board though, so from that standpoint you look like you need to eat. A lot.


  7. looking ripped.

    whats your lifting experiance, weight, height, bf%?

  8. Guys keep this constructive and stop the BS

  9. I am a dickhead and I got banned

  10. No dickhead I deleted them.. and you are out of here.. this is not going to be tolerated guys... don't act like an ass if you want to stay around here..


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