2 year transformation

  1. 2 year transformation

    It's been a long road and I'm not done yet but I'm getting there would love to do a tough mudder

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    210lbs in February of 2011

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    148lbs 12/09/12 at 5'5 and a deadlift of 120 three sets of ten like a boss
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  2. howd you stay inspired? i cant get my gf to stay motivated to working out so she super fails

  3. 2 year transformation

    Wow great transformation! Nice work!
    Instagram: legsthesizeofkegs

  4. Quote Originally Posted by ThunderHumper View Post
    howd you stay inspired? i cant get my gf to stay motivated to working out so she super fails
    Honestly I'm soooo scared to get fat again. And once I started to enjoy working out its kind of my happy place I hit the gym 7 days a week lifting two days with 20 mins of cardio then my off day is abs and 30 mins of cardio with speed rope everyday because I want to do double unders but honestly it's something she has to do for herself . If I don't workout I actually end up getting depressed now which is why my "off " days are still in the gym

  5. Quote Originally Posted by joh408 View Post
    Wow great transformation! Nice work!
    Thank you soooo much !



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