Lost 40lbs, 11", and 16% BF

  1. Lost 40lbs, 11", and 16% BF

    Most of this has taken place over the last 4 months (since I became single again) The first pic I'm 268.9, 32.4% bF, 47.75" waist. Currently I'm 228, 16%, 37" waist. I was about 255 August 1st.

    I attribute most everything to diet, but I do work out just about every day.

    I want to lose another 6% bf or 14lbs and I'll be a happy camper. I'm giving myself about 2-3 months to get there.

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    Having great potential just means you haven't done anything yet.

  2. That's awesome man you even look happier in the after pics

  3. Nice work man! Keep doing what your doing!!

  4. Nice job so far man great improvement

  5. Huge improvement, amazing. What has your diet/training regime looked like?

  6. good job bro!, by summertime, youl be a whole new man, you do look a lot happier too!

  7. great job man!!!!!!!!!!! it feels great droping fat and adding muscle, keep it up

  8. Great work! You look good man. I'm in the same boat. Started at 274 lbs and now 190. Competing in my first show ever this April. Just keep at it one clean meal at a time!


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