So here I am, before Sarms cylce...what you guys think?

  1. So here I am, before Sarms cylce...what you guys think?

    Figured I would finally post a pic, what you guys think? All natty right now, started at 150lbs about 10 years ago! Did one test only cycle back in the early summer and did a DMZ cycle a wile back... other then that I have always been natty. Going to try 8 weeks on Sarms followed by erase and DAA for a recomp. I want to loose more body fat and even add a lil bit a muscle. I will post pics once I get into the Sarms cycle! Any tips or comments welcome. Also what do you guys think I am at Body fat %

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  2. Crap am I that ugly LOL

  3. Quote Originally Posted by SlyCamaro View Post
    Crap am I that ugly LOL
    Haha. No one really browses the pics section I think. But you're looking good man, def mirin chest/traps. And you have it right only thing is stripping that bf and getting a defined midsection

  4. Thanks bud, I gotta stop beer drinking but man it's tuff! I started doing a Hiit workout 2 times a week two, hopefully that will cut some fat too.

  5. subbed. what sarm are you running? my ostarine is in the mail. playing with clen and t3 until it arrives

  6. Actually I have not figured it out yet man! I have not found a source I want to go with... I just ordered MAN PR XT super anabolic! Going to give that a run first now I guess. That will be in Friday, and I will post some more pics once that kicks in! Going to run that with creatine and try and keep a clean diet.

  7. looks like my sarm is arriving today

    is that plainfield, IL?

  8. message me for couple sources, you look like you have some good frame but your right about the recomp, they always say lose 10 pounds of fat looks better then 10 pounds of muscle

  9. Ya plainfield IL, I moved form there but still in the area. Ya I am pretty happy with my shape and size, I just want to get leaner now! I actually seemed to have leaned up a little bit more since the pic, I have been doing a HIIT workout twice a week for the last 3 weeks now. It seems that it has been working some, my veines are really poping lately. Going to run this stuff I ordered for the next month, then jump on the Sarms! Hopfully I can get my mid section down and put on a lil bit more size.

  10. alright man. good luck. I don't live too far from plainfield

  11. I think u look great dude I would actually like to know something I have bottle of DMX LOAD never open yet I'm 220 5"8 really don't know my bf but I wanna be a solid 190 dose that stuff work?

  12. Thanks man... not shure what DMX is other then the rapper LOL, I did IML DMZ! Its a pro hormone, that I can say WORKS... but you have to do PCT and it will shut you down a bit. DMZ will put on solid muscle and will drop body fat for shure, just as long as your diet is on your good!

  13. Thanks dude lol DMX was typo (funny) my bad lol thanks for the feed back what the best PCT to take with it!!

  14. great big arms

  15. Thanks man, arms are my fav! Decided to go a little different route, Ill post pics in a few more weeks. I have been watching my diet real well, taking DAA and a AI, about to finish that and run 4-6 weeks of 20mgs only of Cyanostane RX stacked with DAA first thing every morning. I have a pretty decent recomp going.


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