Please Critique my Diet/Cardio results

  1. Please Critique my Diet/Cardio results. PICS Inside!

    Just started using BDC's Usnic Acid 3 days ago, and thought I would start a post for my results. I started cutting over a month ago, and the fat loss has slowed over the past couple weeks. Hoping the UA helps....

    Age: 21 Height: 5'11"

    Diet: 50% protein, 30% carbs, 20% fat. Caloric deficit of roughly 300-500 cals per day. No carbs for last 2 meals.

    Supps: ECA, r-ALA, now adding UA

    Cardio: 6 days a week, Alternating 1 hour low intensity @ roughly 65% MHR on empty stomach and HIIT training for 30 minutes not on empty stomach.

    Weight training: 5 days a week, going as heavy as possible to maintain strength.

    Starting Stats: Jan. 8th, 2003, 168 lbs, 12.5% BF

    As of Feb. 13th, 2003, I was 162lbs, 10.2% BF.

    BF and weight measuements taken every Thursday night, so stay tuned as I will post my results as I get them.

    I have been stuck at right around 10% BF for the last 2 weeks, So if all goes to plan the UA will help me get into the single digits.


    The first pics is me on Jan 8th, @ 12.5% BF

    The second pic is me on Feb 13th, @ 10.2% Bf

    I know these are not dramatic differences, but I think they are decent results for only using ECA, r-ALA, CARDIO, and DIET.

    Will post more pics as I take them.

  2. You've made good progress, keep up the good cutiting.

  3. Hope the UA works well for you... With cardio 6 days a week, it better! haha..

    PS - clean your toilet! LOL

  4. Yea, with UA, I dont see much sense in doing cardio 6 days a week to be honest. If you choose to do so, make sure you're getting plenty of ALA, vitamins and other anti-oxidants. Not sure what y our diet is like, but if thats not intact, then its pointless anyway..
  5. pretty good bro

    you have made some great progress but i don't see the need to hit cardio 6 times a week, for sure i would not do cardio the day of and after hitting legs. good luck and post diet.

  6. y do u wanna loose more weight u look skinny enough

  7. I can see the progress.. Keep up the good work.

  8. Just wanted to thank everyone for commenting. I have cut my cardio down to 4-5 days a week, mainly because I have been too tired to do anymore than that. I had my BF and weight taken again on thursday (2-20-03) and I was weighing in at 162lbs, w/ right around 10% BF (2 measeurements were taken, one said 9.9%, the other said 10.2%). I think the UA is starting to kick in, but it could be the placebo effect. I seem to be getting more cut every day. I will take some updated pics later this week and post them. PS- I will be adding yohimburn w/caffeine added to it starting monday. Hopefully this will help out a little. PSS- I will clean the toilet before I take the new pics!!!


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