A long road.

  1. A long road.

    This is me around May 2011, I hadn't done any serious lifting at this point. I might do some bis and tris and chest twice a week, but that was it. mostly just messing around. At this point I wasn't even on creatine.
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    (i realize it looks like i have gyno here, I used to be a fat kid when i was 12-14, this is the left over fatty tissue, it's not hard, nor is it gyno)
    I was around 190 here. i am 6ft .5in barefooted.

    My Wife talking me into doing Insanity with her not too long afterwards. Here is us (cut her out lol) at the lake for a party the last week of July 2011, still wasn't taking any supps.
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    I got down to 182 at the end of Insanity two weeks after this picture, so lets call this pic 182lbs.

    Around November of 2011 I started to get serious about working out. I had a friend at our church who is very dedicated in the gym. We started working out together in November. I got my diet together, started eating 6 meals a day, (around 24oz of chicken) plus supps (karbolyn, amminocore, AfterShock, krill oil)

    I ran one cycle of SD in March, and am about to finish up 2nd cycle of SD and epi.

    I weighted 217 this morning, it may be a little pre-mature for this pic as I will update the pic after PCT to show gains I held on to after cycle (which is all that really counts)

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    I'm not where I wish to be yet either. So, To be continued...

  2. Keep up the hard work bro.

  3. Changes...
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