Duck's pics

  1. Duck's pics

    Been reading a long time. Have learned a lot from you bros. Here is my base from which my next bulking cycle is to start.

    Training for ~ 14 years - 2 years w/ effort and diet

    Current Stats
    32 years
    6' 205 lbs ~ 10% BF from calipers
    Arms 17.5"
    Thighs 25"
    Calves 15.5" (Damn things won't grow!)

    Any comments?
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  2. looking lean and mean bro

  3. looks good, pretty lean work on the back some more (shouldn't we all?)

  4. Yep... Need to do some back work... Any suggestions on getting the 'ol calves to grow?

  5. you look like me.... ha! you have better wheels though. Im all about high reps when working the calve. short twitch fibers dominate the calves and really feel its best it with the higher rep training. Not sure how you hit them in your split but if you don train them multiple times a week, try it. The past year, ive trained them with more frequency and they're the best feature of my lower body. Looking good though guy.

  6. Nice vastus medialis on your quads, pretty good tear drop going on.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Nate Dawg
    Nice vastus medialis on your quads, pretty good tear drop going on.
    I agree. Very nice shape overall. Very lean. You got it going on my man.

  8. For old man you look pretty damn good

  9. Sage... Is it the piercings or do you have a tattoo w/ my wifes name on your back as well

    Thanks for all the ups guys.. Now its time to gain some mass!

    Dmitry, thanks bro.. BTW the arthritis cure you suggested is helping.

  10. looking good bro, mass time is right.
    one of the things we can never have too much of.

    as far as the calves you might throw in some forced eccentrics to throw em a curve ball, just be careful and dont go psycho.

    killer bi movement!!!
    read down a little...

  11. Looking good bro keep up the good work, and as Jweave said back could use work but so does mine and everyone elses. LOL Anyhow it's time to lose those pretty little abs and start eating like a horse. I find my abs like to hibernate like a bear in the winter.

  12. Looking good bro...nice work!!

  13. Looking good. I'd say you're closer to 8% BF than 10%.

  14. Thanks LD.. My calipers' resolution sucks.. The reading is +/- 2%.. I always err to the higher value to keep myself in check.

    I will post more pics after ~ 6 weeks after my upcoming bulking cycle. Time to step it up!

  15. Quote Originally Posted by duckway
    Sage... Is it the piercings or do you have a tattoo w/ my wifes name on your back as well
    the tat of the wife. ha

  16. Yeah, I was going to mention that you are definitely lower than 10%

  17. Look solid.

    If you follow the cycle you posted and eat well, then I expect your future pics to be quite a few pounds heavier.

  18. take a pic not holding ur arms up im sure ud look perfect, instead of like a muscle head


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