2008-2012 transformation + recent 5 months

  1. 2008-2012 transformation + recent 5 months

    I was 260 pounds back in 08. Ended up losing the weight (incorrectly) very quickly and went down to 180. Ended up picking up lifting and had decent results but not enough discipline to fully follow it.

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    I ended up getting in a ****ty relationship where I stopped lifting and killed my diet for a year and change. Ended up going back up to 215ish from 180-185. Relationship ended, picked up lifting as my new bottom bitch once more.

    Last month and a half I moved to a new city and really have been focused. Diets been better than ever and setting new prs while dropping bf.

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  2. Keep at it bro. Major improvements for sure.

    What kind of training and diet did you follow?
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  3. Wow great progression. doing it slowly is the way so u dont end up with a lot of loose skin

  4. My food intake revolves around the ability of a full time student/job to make or afford decent food. I still try my best. My meals proceed as follow:

    First meal:
    1/2 cup quick oats
    Few drops of honey
    2 whole eggs
    6 egg whites.

    Second meal:
    93/7 ground beef
    1/2 cup brown rice

    Third meal:
    Whey shake

    Fourth meal (pre workout)
    whole wheat bread
    Deli packed chicken breasts, turkey, hard salami
    Pre workout/bcaas

    Fifth meal: (post)
    Usually lean meat of some sort
    Either approx. 50g protein worth of chicken breast, more ground beef or egg whites. Depends on how I feel or have.
    Baby spinach

    Sixth meal:
    Whey. (switching to casein on my next paycheck. (this meal is around 10 oclock)

    I feel like I need the carbs pre workout to get a good lift in. Lifting on an empty stomach makes me give out quicker. I understand post workout is the best time to get your carb meal in, but I'm worried about eating carbs too late. Some input on this would be appreciated.

    My split is as following:

    I don't follow weekly routine because there are days I always have to skip then substitute due to work or school.

    Day 1:

    Day 2:

    Day 3:
    Back/bi/rear delt

    Day 5:

    Day 6:

    Day 7:

    Day 8:
    Back to chest. I'll sometimes just jump into chest on day 7. Depends how hard I hit chest the previous week.

    Also am alternating abs/calves on workout days.

    I also do 20 minutes slow heart rate cardio (120-130) on a max inclined treadmill or throw some gloves on and hit/kick pads for 30-45 minutes.

  5. Start squatting bro.. Yu will pack on serious muscle if yu do no joke

  6. Good job bro! Keep at it don't fall off, get a cheap motivator like a pre workout or something once in a while keep the motivation going

  7. Thanks guys. I actually just started legs back up around a month and a half ago. I was a fool for not picking up a while back like I was supposed to. I forgot to add it to the lifting log, i have a leg day in there

  8. Keep going. Don't quit

  9. Nice progress man! Keep at it!


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