My build...any comments welcome

  1. My build...any comments welcome

    Hey everyone lookin at my pics, just wondering what parts could use work and your overall thoughts. Thanks.
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  2. you look better than i did when i was twenty....

    I would say hit all the big lifts, keep it simple for you still have alot of filling out to do. dont waist your time with iso's much.

    Eat like a manchild.

    Overall you look pretty balanced.

  3. PC1
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    You're doing well, just keep doing it and have faith that what you're doing is giving you results. Keep training and learning. Remember this is a marathon, not a sprint.

    Best of luck

  4. Solid base it looks like. Follow the basics, eat right, sleep enough and workout consistently and properly. You look like someone who could put on some nice mass.

  5. Your upper body shape is all there man... just don't ignore your legs in favor of the beach muscles, lift heavy and also make a concerted effort to find the mind-muscle connection with your back exercises. And nail your calves often, most shorts only reveal what your calves look like, not your legs... you seriously do not want to look like most of the Florida lifters I know.

    Good luck...



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