200lbs natural, thinking of doing a ph cycle

  1. 200lbs natural, thinking of doing a ph cycle

    Heres a pic of me at 200 with some body fat. I am thinking about doing a prohormone 1test/4ad cycle soon. I think i have a pretty solid base to start from, I would appreciate any advice you could give me. I know this question will come up later in the thread so for anyone who is about to ask, I am 5'9''. And let me know if this pic works.
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  2. You do have a good base,but if I were you i would stay away from any Ph's or AAs now this is just my opinion..Try to perfect your training routine make a daily log,try to surpass with each and every workout.The diet is key try to get 6-8 meals a day 40 grams of protien or so.Challenge yourself set short term goals and if someday you want to compete well maybe look into that stuff but IMO 90% of people who use it have not even scraped the surface of thier natural potential.The side effects are a huge problem and I dont care what you read when you go off cycle there will be some loss of muscle,the mental aspect of loosing muscle after training so hard is brutal to me

  3. Like madman said, wait. You very clearly are not anyhwere near your genetic potential and you WILL regret using early, later on... I know I wish I had stayed natty longer.

  4. any other advice anyone can offer is greatly appreciated. I will try to post more pics later.

  5. I'm a big advocate of most any supplement that works. But I would wait a while just as everyone else has said. You should probably be doing extremely heavy, compound movements, 6-8 rep range, 3-4 sets per exercise, and two or three exercises per body part. Your basic low volume, heavy weight workouts. I would use this winter to your advantage and really concentrate on adding some serious muscle mass. Then you can start cutting the body fat down in the early spring getting ready for when the shirts come off next summer. Keep it simple, eat frequent high protein meals, and lift heavy.

  6. Bump on the advice above, without a good diet and training program your gains will be very shortlived. Good luck whatever you decide to do.

  7. If you are getting stronger over time everything thing that you are currently doing is correct... you just have to be patient. I know that sucks to hear but it is true, and from a personal perspective do not mess around with prohormones/steroids until there is absolutely no progress in your training for several months... Please listen to the advice offered on this board... I wish I did, there are serious side effects to any type of testosterone supplement... and honestly if your are going to do them anyway, ask for as much advice as possible before beginning your cycle... guys on here really know what they are talking about.

    Honestly, you look like you could get huge... my only critique would be your midsection... perhaps tapering off of excessive strenghtening abdominal excercises (focusing on the rectus abdominus) in favor of more core type training (transversus). Excercises like hanging leg raises, and more Pilates type movements which focus on a flatter stomach instead of a bigger one.

    Also purchase the book, Nutrient Timing by Ivy and Portman. I feel that you could minimize your abdominal fat while simultaneously gaining muscle... this book is an incredible read and really well written.

    Good luck in the future.

  8. How many inches are your arms?

  9. My abs have always been quite large, and I haven't done any crunches or ab workouts in about a year or so. I knew my abs would need work, but I will post pics of them later.

  10. my arms in my opinion are not very big, they are only 16.5 inches around. They are not my strongest body part. But i could say that about 90% of my body. I have a pretty scewed view of myself, I am like and anorexic, just opposite views of the body where they are never skinny enough, i am never big enough, just my personal way to motivate myself.

  11. Listen man, you and most everyone on this board suffers from one degree or another of body dysmorphia... I believe that is the clinical term for what you describe. Yes, it is a problem for myself and hundreds of thousands of other men throughout the country/world. The book the Adonis Complex describes in detail the syndrome. I myself have never been "big" enough or good looking enough, even though admittedly I have a better body than 99% of the people I see on the street. I really don't mean to write the last sentence in a bragging way, it is only to describe my/your sense of self delusion, and honestly hatred. I wish I had 16.5 inch arms and a frame like yours, which looks as if it could put on size very easily. I wish I had the answer but really I am right there with you. My ego and self worth are balanced precariously upon the approval of men and women who see and interact with me throughout the day....it really sucks.

    I think that you should tell us more about your personal situation... however, in a completely vain and short term way I agree with your approach to your personal acceptance. Before or while you solve/address any internal problems that are preventing you from accepting yourself, you can at least reflect the best external appearance possible which could illicit more internal changes. I think that it is important for you and I to remember though, that no matter how big we get or how many women we bed, that it will never be enough... seriously. I feel ya man, I really do.

  12. I don't think it is acceptance I am looking for, I only want to get big to inspire people to change. I figure if I am fairly large, and looking good it will and has made people come up and ask, what my workout routine is, or what would be a good exercise would be to fix bye-bye- arms (older women), and some ask if they can use my nutritional plan so they can start losing weight. I actually thought about becoming a personal trainer. I have been lifting to get into good shape for boxing. I only workout at home so I have to motivate myself to get off the couch somehow, and if looking in the mirror and critiqueing myself is how it gets done then thats cool with me. And the wife likes the body too, thats always good.

  13. Also I would like to add I have decided to say screw prohormones and prosteroids, i'll try to see how big I can get without them, actually 200 is pretty good for now.

  14. Yeah, man. That's it. Do that. It's actually pretty amazing what true "natural" potential there is, and also the SATISFACTION of getting there ALL BY YOURSELF. It is harder, yes. Is it worth it? By hearing the PH users on here, heck 50% are saying yes it is worth it to stay natural as long as possible.

  15. Here are some pics of me when i was 16 and 17 years old, way before i ever touched a weight in my life. My abs have always been large, I have never trained them. The pic in the water is when i was 17, it is a bad scan, it the original pic has more detail. The pic in the bushes was when I was 16. I only started lifting about a year ago, i think the progress has been good, it seems I gain pretty easily.
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  16. I started lifting when I was halfway into 22 yrs, now I am lamost 23.

  17. If you've only been lifting a year, your looking good.

    Keep at it, since prostriods will no longer be an option in 3 months, just stay natural and keep at it.

    I'd say you have to train atleast 3 years before considering riods.
  18. Thumbs up

    I agrre with manguy, way too many users decide to try PH, prosteroids, or even real steroids long before they have even been training long enough to see the benefits being natural can actually yield.

    And i second the notion of wishing I had a frame like you...i work all year just to put on about 5 pounds

    good luck bro, and keep your attitude it sounds great!

    Carry On The Chaos

  19. Thanks for the replies, I am currently working a new diet and training program. Hopefully this will be as rewarding as my last one. Maybe by the end of january, beginning of february I'll have some new pics to post.


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