this is me in 02

  1. this is me in 02

    This is me in 02 when i took my girl to Atlantic City.  I changed a little since then I will post a new pic when I get one.

  2. Good symmetry..a perfect X! I think you need to repost it bro

  3. I can't see the pic...

  4. lol wardog heheheh..

  5. Originally posted by wardog
    Good symmetry..a perfect X! I think you need to repost it bro
    right on (ha). reading it as if you were serious than my dumbass finally realized. repost my friend Sage

  6. Originally posted by wardog
    Good symmetry..a perfect X! I think you need to repost it bro
    ****. I missed that joke completely the 1st time....hahahaah

  7. sorry bout that. tried to cut and paste.
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  8. there ya go, ya hugeass bitch . lookin like a tank man. what yer full stats look like?

  9. Nice size there D.. what are you stats?

  10. much better pic bro..your looking thick..nice job

  11. lookin huge bro. looking forward to seeing something more recent.

  12. Iím 6ft 277 now.  Bf% Iím not really sure but I think itís about the same as this pic.  Only difference is my arms, legs and chest show allot more than before. I know most people think bench press is not important but I went from 425 (in that pic) to 475 now. I donít max squat cause Iíve see too many people get hurt.  I just work up to 405 and work on reps. I like to do sets with 900 on the leg press.  I measured my arm at work today and was at 21in flexed.  I canít seem to shake this childhood gut though.  Iíve had it all my life.  In Jan 2001 I was 315 and had not worked out in 2 years.  Then I cut down to 250 and started to build from there.  Iíve never tried gear though and (most donít believe me).  I may someday.  I know it sounds like Iím rambling but Iím tired cause I went to the gym at 6:30 this morning and again at 2pm. and I had to work even harder to make up for Monday (snow day).

  13. Good job bro, You have awesome size and when are you posting some more pics?

  14. "looks like you need my website little fellow, thats pass:beast"

    I actually said that to a guy Iím the gym.  Me and 4 other guys I train with have a habit of trying to say something funny when someone ask stupid questions like ďwhy/how did you get that big.Ē Or ďwhat do you eat.Ē One guy said ďwhat do you eat?Ē and I said ďchildrenÖ. If CSI checked my toilet I would be thrown under the jail. Oh do you have kids?Ē  He gave me a nervous laugh and walked away. People think were *******s and I guess its true but its pretty funny though.

  15. hehe,alrght bro... THe only reason i asked was because i tried it awhile back and it didnt work. Nah your no *******, they jus need to learn to not ask such stupid q's...

  16. well i just tried and it doesnt work... booo :?

  17. THe website isn't workin for me... NOT FOUND : heheh

  18. "great googly moogly how much can you bench do you juice you prolly juice huh how much do you weigh how can i get that big where do i find juice that good how did you do that..."

  19. Its not a real site its just a joke

  20. ahh i see... we got a comedian here

  21. kamae were is your pic.  you said you would post it tonight.


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